Kujaku ô

Kujaku ô

Two magically powerful monks who were separated at birth are reunited to fight the King of Hell.

Two magically powerful monks who were separated at birth are reunited to fight the King of Hell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jude P (es) wrote: Why not so called something critics did not write much about this magnificent movie ?

Rikard B (au) wrote: Helt vrdo, bara larvigt!

Amy D (nl) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie. But the director seemed to focus too much on atmosphere and not enough on little things like making sure the set was lit properly or the dialogue was unmuffled and understandable or that the plot actually made sense. It played like a rather crappy video game adaptation.

Emily A (mx) wrote: The ridiculousness of John Malkovich becoming a puppeteer and the self-deprecating humour involved in this was gold. The rest was weird, and kind of terrifying. I approve of John Cusack's long hair.

Logan M (gb) wrote: A mid-90s teen comedy that's surprisingly smart, and never resorts to cruelty.

Buggy B (gb) wrote: This was a decent enough cop revenge thriller with an old-school 90's vibe to it and extreme bursts of violence that made me jump and say things like "holy shit!" Mel plays a Boston homicide detective and is essentially angry-cop-dad for the entire movie, showing only one emotion (grumpy) in a very Harrison Ford sort of way. He is kinda justified I guess after his daughter gets (violently) blown away right beside him. Initially it's believed that 'Thomas' was the intended target but as he probes into her life he discovers she was hiding some secrets and in big trouble. The plot is pretty good, a little vague in places. I liked it when Mel's character crossed the line and no longer cared about the consequences and how he talked to his daughter's ghost throughout. Good ending too. 6/28/14

Carlos M (nl) wrote: Amusing enough, with a great cinematography and memorable set pieces, this is a passable film even with those irritating flaws that have become now the worst types of clichs, like a forced romance and how no one believes the main character and thinks he is crazy for no reason.

neil L (es) wrote: Not perfect but I like it

Steve W (gb) wrote: Despite being directed by Otto Preminger and a strong cast, the movie is very tame. Its very low key, it doesn't have a lot of thrills or anything too exciting. I've seen way better noir films.

Phil T (it) wrote: Hasn't aged well at all and the accents are all over the place but it's got a fine soundtrack and some appealing moments