Kummeli V

Kummeli V

Four stories about Finnish life intersect. In the first story, the ex- bassist Tom makes a mistake. He calls the old band mate, drum artist Monkki Mähönen renovation of this property to the wife 's summer home. The story starts to get "kauhuelokuvamaisia​​" features the Monkki and the lady of the house Stina on a collision course. The following story wannabee - motorcycle gang and its leader Jouni humiliated in the village shop. Jouni decides to avenge the humiliation robbing trade. He is a tough movie freak and draws its revenge plan inspired by the famous action movies. In the third story of the journey of the yellow press, the early days of the sixties to mid. During the film has become known for bad behavior Helsinki fantasy and sci-fi director Kurt von "Kurre" Riikonen, which rises at the center of the fourth story.

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Queenella K (br) wrote: "Ginny: How do I unlove you? Marco: i dont know. but i know i can never unlove you. I'll love you in a different way now."one of the most memorable quote from the movie and it brings me loads of tears. The movie gives me a lot to think about. a lot of courage to face the reality. and most importantly, like the movie title, learn to start all over again!

Thomas A (it) wrote: Though the director Ismael Ferroukhi somehow fails to grasp the entire atmosphere of Paris during WW2, he succeeds in one thing, which is showing the unexplored story of the participation of Paris Mosque in helping out the French Resistance (and even some Jews and Communists too). That aspect alone makes this movie a worthy watch for history buffs.

leane e (au) wrote: i didnt think this was such a bad croc movie i mean yea the effects on the croc were really cheap looking it like switched from regular real croc to the one they made themselves so you could tell the difference in size and of course the real life pics from there fake ones but i was willing to over look it cuz well the acting didnt annoy me and i didnt think the storyline was terrible and it kept me interested its just to bad that madson just seems to keep doing low budget B movies :( and that most of them are really bad

John Y (au) wrote: Best Biography film Ever!!!

Ian R (ag) wrote: This wasn't your typical Van Damme movie by any stretch and was almost a supporting role for him. His character was supposed to be flawed and he pulled it off ok. I don't know if there was really all that much going on here to be anything special, but it was ok for what it was.

Dave R (nl) wrote: Wow if I ever saw the biggest peace of crap movie this is the one no pune intended so cheap and crappy so dumb but yet I kept watching it it was really not that goood

Prim A (us) wrote: After having gone through the pain of watching this movie twice, i still don't get what does homoerotic theme add to the story.While Sokurov said in some interviews that only perverts can interpret loving and carrying relations between the father and the son as homo-erotic... whatever... obviously he doesn't cast a doubt on his ability to tell the story. Anyway, One star is for mediocre dialogues, poor acting (made them unbearable to listen), overload with symbols and allegories that are too "in-your-face".

Callum B (fr) wrote: really good. "I pitty the fool" who doesn't like this film. LOL

Vuong B (br) wrote: one of the best pixar movies ever

Wendy S (ag) wrote: Woodward grabs this character and turns her inside out. Enjoyed the delicate complexities that she pulls out of her character and situation and makes the intangible real. Funny, picked up the book "jest of god" by Margaret Laurence, and without knowing it, learned that it formed this amazing movie!!

Ice R (nl) wrote: Ethel is great, movie, not so much.

Dean E (au) wrote: A great cast... that's about it. Average directing, sloppy editing, and a story that debatably deserves a film adaptation let alone a 2 hour run time. This film moves very slow then tries to burst at the end but it lost itself well before that. Was this entire movie dubbed in post-production?!

Joe C (ca) wrote: A straight forward look at The National Film Registry. A delightful movie to watch for anyone who considers themselves a film buff.