Kung Fu Divas

Kung Fu Divas

Charlotte is from a family of beauty queens, but she has yet to win a title of her own. Her final chance is the Hiyas ng Dalampasigan Pageant, and her mother has taken steps to make sure that she wins. But her chances are dashed when the mysterious Samantha suddenly joins the contest. The two become bitter enemies following the contest, but they are soon forced by destiny to team up. It turns out the two have a hidden connection to a mystical past, and must work together to discover the truth about their heritage.

Charlotte is a veteran beauty queen aspirant from a small village in the Philippines. She belongs to a family of beauty queens and her mother tries to employ all the trick she knows to make... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kung Fu Divas torrent reviews

Darshan T (nl) wrote: gr8 leap towards indian animation.. and well defined epic

essynce d (ca) wrote: Interestingly awesome

Amanda H (ca) wrote: Was ok, but not what I was expecting.

Richard C (mx) wrote: Apparently based on some unbeknowst-to-me comic, this animation or anime wannabe is your average fair in the genre. The animators and voice actors are mediocre at best, but if you like the topics at hand - spiritual warfare, witch hunts, demons, layers of hell, Satan and Satan's kin, unafraid blood and gore - despite its inconsistencies, then you won't care less.

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Mr D (ru) wrote: Rob Schneider in his BEST serious role EVER! One of the better ninetees action movie. Mainly because it hasn't has a fat Steven Seagal shadow boxing in it.

Shamina K (kr) wrote: Loved this movie since I was a kid.

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Clay B (au) wrote: SUBMARINE X-1 (1968)

Vicki W (ca) wrote: it was better the second time, after reading the book.

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