Kung Fu Dunk

Kung Fu Dunk

Shi-Jie is a brilliant martial artist from the Kung Fu School. One day, he encounters a group of youths playing basketball and shows off how easy it is for him, with his martial arts training, to do a Slam Dunk. Watching him was Chen-Li, a shrewd businessman, who recruits him to play varsity basketball at the local university.

Fang Shijie is found as a baby in the garbage and raised at a martial arts academy. With the help of a man, he gets into college and is promoted to the basketball championship as he searches for his real parents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cayse B (nl) wrote: So funny my kids and I loved it.

Jessy R (fr) wrote: Best movie i`ve seen in my life, It hits me everytime i see it. The story is so beautiful and true, Must watch! I feel this movie like it is my own story.

Stanley H (kr) wrote: One of my favorite scenes in all the movies I've seen is in this movie!

Brianna E (gb) wrote: [color=black]Oh my goodness. :eek: This movie was horrible! :down: [/color][color=black]I thought it was going to be a mock movie of High School Musical, but it wasn't.[/color][color=black]It was just a dumb movie with no plot. I actually fell asleep during it for half an hour and when I woke up I hadn't missed a thing! I was able to pick up exactally what was happening.[/color][color=black]There were two choirs, one could sing, one couldn't.[/color][color=black]They didn't get along til they were forced to work together.[/color][color=black]Then they were all friends blah, blah, blah.[/color][color=black]Complete waste of my time.[/color]:rotten: :rotten: :rotten:

Bane v (it) wrote: Good first half! Bad second half!

Phil S (ru) wrote: Just saw it on TV. A little drawn out but it was a better movie than some of the critics wrote. Solid and tells a good tale of quiet perseverance and ingenuity beating the odds.

Amber F (au) wrote: want to this movie aka Leapers in the uk,looks good(Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars).

Kristal W (ag) wrote: This movie change my life!

Thomas O (es) wrote: The end in the book, where Oliver cries on his father's shoulder, is far superior to the cold ending in the film, where they walk away from one another.

Jennifer T (gb) wrote: Weird movie. I struggled watching this movie. The only part I liked was when he tells the legend to Dr. Pope. Wouldn't watch it again though unless there was absolutely nothing else.

Tim H (de) wrote: And this almost made me hate William Klein. I love when directors have a message with their art. I am completely for being political with your art and that movies should be more than mindless entertainment. Secondly, I also am a moderate. Paint me wishy-washy, but I just don't believe that the antithesis of evil is good. Few people are truly evil and very few situations are absolute. Finally, I believe that the best way to convince someone to change their minds is to let people get to that conclusion on their own. Subtelty and forcing people to examine their own lives through arts to come to their own decision is the most effective way to communicate your message. Mr. Freedom does none of that. This is the most force-feeding movie I've ever seen. It is the longest hour-and-a-half sit-through of propaganda that I've ever seen. Hell, while I disagree with a good percentage of the movie, even the parts I did agree with turned me off. This is the problem that Al Franken and Michael Moore have. They don't understand that if you make too much of a jackass of yourself, you are just going to make your cause look bad. Mr. Freedom needs a huge dose of shut the hell up. I understand that the concept of "poet / prophet" needs the voice of an exile to tell the true nature of a nation's problems, but William Klein just comes off as extremely whiny and one-sided. I think that his message could have gotten across if he would treat his audience with some respect rather than presenting an oversimplistic view of a complicated situation. Really, he's treating his audience like their dumb and need this kind of information shoved down their throats. The biggest problem with being this blatant about a situation is that you are only going to be to preaching to the choir. No one who disagrees with this kind of politics would actively sit down and watch this movie. At the time, everyone who agreed would pull a Farenheit 911 and raised this movie onto an unfair cinematic pedestal, hailing it as the battle cry of a subculture. The rest would have scolded the movie without seeing it and only caused a greater rift between two distant ideas. William Klein blindly walks into this movie without thinking of the ramificaitons of what he was making. It is hard to review this movie form an aethetic point of view. He really is more concerned with his political propaganda that he avoids using really powerful imagery, instead using easy shots of the red-white-and-blue constantly. He only has one really inspired shot that wasn't meant to be "shocking" and that's what is used as the cover art on the Eclipse set. The tie to Captain America isn't exactly subtle either. But the analogy is somewhat lost because Klein uses popular culture as an absolute. Captain America commonly questioned U.S. policy in the comic books, taking an active stance against Watergate and the Nixon administration. To have a character who is clearly Captain America murdering black people for his country is offensive and ill researched. I really hated this movie. I'm not what you would call crazy conservative and the politics itself didn't bother me, but the approach is just terrible and actually made that one of the more painful hour and a halfs I've sat through. If you can avoid this one, do. You can only get it in the William Klein set, so good luck just leaving it on your shelf.

JeanPaul S (jp) wrote: A different sort of a main character for a different sort of a movie. And, it's quite bold for the 40's. Film-noir fans should especially check this out.

Olivyah M (br) wrote: Unfortunately the horror genre is littered with some very terrible films. This is one of them.

Jesse O (nl) wrote: This is probably more thoughtful than your typical 'horror' flick. Problem is this isn't so much a horror film as it is a teen romance with some hints of horror here and there. I didn't entirely dislike this movie to be honest, it's got a more than solid cast, with the highlight being Brad Dourif, some good ideas and some great cinematography. But the first 40 minutes or so of the movie are a gigantic chore to get through. At least until you find out that Amanda, SPOILER ALERT, is really a ghost. And even then, they don't really use it for scares rather than using it as an obstacle in Eli and Amanda's budding "relationship". And there's some good ideas here about obsession and teen depression, especially with how the movie ends, but I don't think these ideas ever translate into a dramatically effective story. And the romance itself, while not uninteresting, felt a little vanilla. Take the horror out of this story, and the romance could've very easily been made into a CW TV pilot. Though unlike a CW series, it is more thoughtfully written. Perhaps I'm overstating the point, but the romance could've used an edgier side to it. As mentioned the cast, especially for what looks to be a low-budget affair is more than solid and they have as much to do with making the film as good as it is since I don't think the script is up to their talents. I mean it is decent, and it has some good ideas but, as mentioned, those ideas don't necessarily translate to effective storytelling. I did think that Spencer Daniels, who played the lead, was a little wooden at times and he would be the only one in the cast that, I would say, did a below average job. The movie also looks really nice for its budget. Perhaps if the first 40 or so minutes of the film were more interesting, I'd have given this film a better rating, but they are a chore to get through and it really makes the overall movie average at best.

Luke W (ag) wrote: Hilarious, utter schlock. The most entertaining, nonsensical film, I have seen. Other than The Phantom Menace

Michael M (it) wrote: A surprisingly involving and refreshing throwback to 80's cop thrillers.