Kung Fu Massacre

Kung Fu Massacre


After his father's brutal murder, Ton Tin-Kuo sets out to seek the killer. He is befriended by evil casino owner Don Yee, who actually sets Tong up to fight his bitter enemy Pau Tze-Pin, but Pau reveals the truth of Don Yee's tricks to Tong and later makes firm their alliance by rescuing him from prison and explaining that Don Yee is his father's murderer. When his sister is also killed by Don Yee, Tong thirsts for revenge! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brena L (au) wrote: I enjoyed the movie at a screening in San Diego last year. The music is great and matches the mood of every scene. The cinematic is awesome in 3D. I didn't know much about steam-punk before this movie but I was blown away! It has a good story that kept me watching and not bored at all. Can't wait to buy this on DVD.

Lee H (fr) wrote: This movie is so bad, it's good. Everyone encounters ridiculous obstacles. Special effects are cheap. Some "dramatic" things that happen make you laugh out loud. I was entertained!

Emilia Cinia P (ru) wrote: The best thing of this movie is Marina Diamandis' song "Numb". The worst version of "Carmilla" I've ever seen.

Dot L (br) wrote: Let's take action before the wells run dry!

Ruosi H (au) wrote: This is a beauty, mystical and humanly told. True legend of a Maori woman's strength for her survival.

Teddy D (kr) wrote: Hilarious and wonderfully directed film about Werner Herzog and his love/hate relationship with Klaus Kinski, one of the craziest actors to ever grace the screen. We see a lot of Kinski acting the fool, and normally it would seem embarassing, but one thing shows very apparent: Kinski did not care one bit about what others thought of him. He was a man void of the constraints that hold the rest of us down, and somehow Werner was seemingly the only person who could really understand him (possibly because Werner himself is a bit of a wild cat, not on the same level but they're both rogues of their own kind). We see how they both wanted to murder each other, and we also see a few times where Kinski laughs with his old friend, and genuinely shows respect in an otherwise tumultuous relationship between two iconic film stars.

Edgar C (ag) wrote: A decently designed and violently constructed epic loosely based on Thomas Malory's novel "Le Morte d'Arthur", Excalibur surpasses expectations from those used to Boorman's decaying filmography throughout time and from avid followers of the legendary adventure/fantasy tale, perhaps with a noticeable urge to cover all the essential elements from the original source and its characters in a short time span (not even 140 minutes were enough), but with an impeccable design and art direction that tries to compensate for the rather serious lack of cohesion and the plot's proper evolution.Moreover, it also attempts to conquer the amalgamation of human sentiments that similar tales are known for covering: revenge, love, lust, honor, betrayal, [insert 50 more human qualities and defects here]. For a reason, these epic tales of a massively universal scope were meant to be left in literature, where hundreds of pages could construct an entire microuniverse flawlessly described with words. It is true that an image is worth more than a thousand words, but an incorrect progression of images can destroy the intended. Excess is excess.Filmed epically and with a serious symptom of ambition that backfired against the final product, Excalibur shows some important remnants of Hollywood's classic epic filmmaking, back when the stories lasted more than 3 hours and still achieved to maintain the viewer's fascination and an everlasting impact. If my words sound like a condemnation, they are not, but the film, despite worth of attention, has indeed lost the impact that the classics of the 50s and 60s still regain today.70/100

Tane S (ag) wrote: Hands down the best movie I've ever seen. Have never gone online to review a movie before and this was worth it.

Richard D (ru) wrote: Stephen King really has no business saying that Stanley Kubrick did not know how to make a horror film. This film is garbage. The short story that it's based on is okay. Not the best material in "Night Shift", but fun stuff. For a story so clearly modeled on "The Birds", King has clearly not learned the lesson that the less explanation you provide for a ridiculous scenario, the better off you are. All his attempts to explain why killer trucks are attacking folks are awful (and the arbitrary last minute resolution to this explanation is insulting). Setting plot problems aside for a minute, the real problem is that King clearly has no idea how to direct a movie. The movie is terribly paced and really choppy, as if a lot of necessary connecting bits were never shot. He has a semi-decent cast here, but everyone overacts their paper thin roles. It's an ugly, unpleasant film.

Stanley C (de) wrote: The jokes about the "gravestone writing" and that evil greedy fat pig Donald Trump getting infected with AIDS are definitely something that are due on an IMAX movie screen, although the humor (and the movie's plot as a whole) are too downright disgusting rather than funny.