Kung Fu Tootsie

Kung Fu Tootsie

Set in Hong Kong where three mafia gangs are fighting to be the biggest powerful criminal organization in town. One of well-known and powerful gang is The Golden Dragon led by Ma Yong Hai and his son Tao. Recently, Tao was injured by the rivals causes his arm to be cut off. When Tao is disabled to continue the business, Ma has to find someone to claim the rightful position as the new Godfather. So, Ma goes on a quest to find his long-lost son, Tian. Tian is Tao's poor twin. He has lived with his mother since he was a child with no support from his father Ma. However, everything seems to be perfect when Tian is back to Ma and takes the next leader of the gang, but there's one thing about Tian that's absolutely imperfect for Ma. Tian is gay and loves being pretty just like a girl. - Written by Anonymous

Set in Hong Kong where three mafia gangs are fighting to be the biggest powerful criminal organization in town. One of well-known and powerful gang is The Golden Dragon led by Ma Yong Hai ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ismael K (fr) wrote: The film is earnest, formulaic and sentimental.

George D (gb) wrote: Love these two actors. Thought they did well. However the storyline was week, the costume design was terrible. There was simply nothing special about this movie.

Josef H (it) wrote: AU was great. Redsin great too. Vogel got better as a filmmaker with Redsin and it had a great story to go along with what you'd expect from Toetag. But Sella had too much story and not enough of horror. Storyline was too long and didnt explain well enough. Great EFX at the end though. Vogel and Toetag are growing though.

Igor T (it) wrote: Haven't seen so bad movie in a while. Acting and the plot are just ridiculous.

Demonic N (es) wrote: This looks really crap.

Bill B (gb) wrote: I absolutely adored this film when I first discovered it back in the rental days, from Lillard's frenetic mannerisms to the strangely quirky characters of the punk rock scene that they inhabit, this was a funny, occasionally touching, sometimes vulgar picture of friends growing apart and maturing as well.The film manages to strike a balance between the humorous beginnings and the rather sobering tone it takes in the latter half, deftly telling a story in out of order snippets that slowly build up your impressions of the characters.Highly recommended.

Brad S (jp) wrote: Hadn't watched this since I was a kid, it's so much fun! Great special effects, and looks stunning on blu-Ray. Well worth watching!

Joshua D (gb) wrote: Legendary fashion photographer William Klein's brilliantly art directed and occasionally funny satire made at the height of the Vietnam war about America's aggressive cold-war stance. Virtually every single frame of this flick is whacked out and gorgeous. The whole thing is tarted up in a very pre-punk DIY sort of way... from the fashion to the message. The great Delphine Seyrig is beautiful and amazingly in tune with the odd voice of the film and John Abbey is pitch perfect. Great costumes, sets and photography. The DP is master cinematographer Pierre Lhomme, who lensed "Army of Shadows" and a slew of other classic French films. All and all this is a pretty interesting piece of late 60's zeitgeist.

Private U (mx) wrote: John Wayne and Lauren Bacall an interesting combination and not a bad film either.

Nick B (kr) wrote: Great movie, but I can't relate to the artistic romanticism ideals and the too-frequent "books are better than tv" commentary. I've read books, and I've seen tv. I'll choose tv every time. This movie makes me feel unsophisticated and simple, and I hate that. Zac Efron's character was totally hilarious though!

Jake A (au) wrote: With great performances from all the lead cast, a chilling plot, a decent script and a suspenseful finale this is a well made thriller that features another great psychopath female.

Naoki J (ag) wrote: The premise to this film is smart and fresh: a drug that puts the user in touch with his primitive self. Although some scenes definitely emphasize a lavish and rather stereotypical 'club scene' they're done in a smart and unique way, emphasizing human nature as opposed to the drug itself. Entertaining throughout, this film supersedes others like 'Spring Breakers', showing a new side, and possibly inventing a new face to party culture.