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Autumn S (fr) wrote: Fabulous film. Love seeing the dedication these kids had for Raiders in their youth and throughout adulthood. Lots of laughs and lots of I can't believe they did that!!! Fun film!

Peggy R (br) wrote: I saw this movie on HBO On Demand. It's a very heart warming love story. Loved it.

James C (us) wrote: Bad. Awful. Awful bad.

MarcAndr B (es) wrote: La fin est d (C)cevante un peu :(

Anthony B (kr) wrote: Too varied for me....shows how an open relationship ends up closing and drama is always there. Shows how time heals all wounds and lie moves on. Not bad just a little too crazy for me!

Rakisha K (ca) wrote: I'm not really into the horror and vampire flicks.

Greg W (jp) wrote: another f&*(ing lost review-flixter!

Chris M (br) wrote: It was a really funny, very nice and really entertaining live-action family holiday comedy. It had really great cinematography, really excellent special effects, really excellent cast, really nice humor, really good adventure, really great music, really well done costumes, really nice characters and a really nice story. It was my first time seeing this movie when I was 14 years old during Christmas 2006. This is going to be one of my favorite Christmas movies of 2003. I really recommend this movie to both kids and adults.

Vanessa D (gb) wrote: It was better than I thought it was going to be. I am not a big fan of either so I didn't really now what to expect. But it was funny and I had a good laugh.

TheMumblelover (de) wrote: John Woo is a great director in his native land and this is first feature in Hollywood doesn't cut it like his previous films. Its stylishly shot but it burdens itself in being too stylish. There are scenes where it try's hard to be stylish which I am guessing was to try and compensate for the script. For inhabitants of this town you never get to see them, loads of explosions and gun fire and the street remains empty. At night time its more lively. An average film though worth a watch.

Tim W (de) wrote: What a bizarre, dark, yet fascinating film. It's about a 35-year old man who's never left his apartment because his mother's told him the air is poisonous. In the film, he finally gets out and experiences society (and other people) for the first time.

Jelena D (ru) wrote: Love the atmosphere in this film! Really good one, one of those I could watch a hundred times without getting bored of it.

Tom S (br) wrote: Bergman does Fellini before Fellini did Fellini.

Jessie C (kr) wrote: I'm not going to lie, I did not enjoy this. I appreciate the importance of the film and the enormous steps it took for early cinema but wow, I was so excited for it to be over. Obviously the context of the film is incredibly important, and it is vital to note that this is a propaganda film. That being said, there aren't really characters. It's like there were just two: the people and the soldiers. The stair scene is just as legendary as it is hailed to be. Halfway through it I noticed my jaw was dropped open as much as possible. I've been watching early films lately and I must say that the violence is shocking. It's not especially graphic or even realistically performed, but the reasons they have to start fighting and the quickness of it was jarring. These soldiers just gunning down civilians was incredibly disturbing and I can't believe that that is a thing that happened, and continues to happen. There were a lot of creative angles and techniques used, absolutely. Just the way the story was told left me guessing a lot. Wasn't a lot of build-up to action, it was just suddenly inaction to action- and since I didn't know what was going on all the time, it was really confusing. Just not a format I'm used to, but I'm working on it.There were so many points where I was like "okay, I GET IT" like so many repetitive shots and close-ups held for far too long. There were a lot of shots that should have been cut shorter because it would continue on even after the characters were mostly out of frame. There was one scene where two people walk away and the scene keeps going until all we can see is their ankles and I was like, "ok, what do these ankles symbolize" Just kidding, haha, I mean I can't knock this film too much because it's truly an important part of the foundation of modern cinema, and these guys were out there with nothing but ideas and some film equipment. They didn't have film schools, they didn't have movies to watch and study, they didn't have books about filmmaking. I do appreciate this movie's contribution to film but I did not have a good time watching this film. The story didn't do it for me and the shooting style was extremely frustrating to watch. The stair scene is worth a viewing, but I don't intend to watch this again. Not sure why any government would endorse/pay for this, but I'll never pretend to understand Russia. Did I enjoy it? NoDo I ever want to see it again? NoDo I ever want to include it in my own collection? No6/10Bye love you-Jessie Carlson

Tommaso D (ag) wrote: Hotel Rwanda is a deeply-touching movie that features terrific performances from Don Cheadle and Joaquin Phoenix.The story is insightful and it is told and portrayed at a high level of accuracy.

Joe L (au) wrote: Every American and every Christian should be made to watch this movie. It's a true story of a great man. He battles and risk everything he has to save children from the carnage going in in Sudan. Meanwhile the world ignores the atrocities being suffered by innocent people. It seems we would rather go to Disney World, Hollywood and Football games then help our fellow humans. I hope I made you feel guilty. It's the least you can do.