Kungliga patrasket

Kungliga patrasket

The ups and downs of three generations in an acting family.

The ups and downs of three generations in an acting family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (ag) wrote: A great show. The star ( Ellen Muth ) is from Milford Connecticut.

Lisa Marie A (kr) wrote: awful, the acting sucked, the story was horrible. Jorge Garcia really let me down, he did Hurley amazing for yrs and yrs and in this one his accent was awful and he just embarrassed himself pretty much.

Kaleb R (gb) wrote: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince does a fine job following Harry and Dumbledore's increasingly professional relationship and climaxing at the most notorious of Harry Potter spoilers.

Neil W (es) wrote: Stiles cannot dance!

Lee M (ag) wrote: An eerily effective yet gentle film...Twin Falls Idaho has style, gravity and originality to spare. Proves that it's possible for a movie to be reckless and adventurous merely by being sedate, unhurried and contemplative.

TINA (ca) wrote: i love this movie so good

Luis O (ca) wrote: OMG I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. My stomach hurts!

Maria J (ca) wrote: Rut (Viveca Seldahl) rules in this movie! :)

Archille D (nl) wrote: a john Woo classic that has no guns in it, typical old school kung fu story that with a typical kung fu ending, a must see.

Michael Z (gb) wrote: for 1964, to a young boy as I was back then, this totally captured the imagination and by todays standards it is slow but goes from quiet country scenery (as the book did) to fantastic colorful action on the moon. The real change of course was the idea of having a woman along, which was not a part of the original book and a good idea was updating the plot to include a modern day moon landing going to the same spot by coincidence. The discovery of a British flag on the moon and a dedication to claim the moon in the name of Queen Victoria was brilliant on behalf of whoever wrote this screenplay.

Adam W (jp) wrote: Not bad at all... and not nearly as bad as the "top" critics opine. For kids and adolescents, it's a solid 3 1/2 stars. Adults might find it too juvenile.

Thomas B (us) wrote: ***A really solid movie, with a striking performance by Tom Hardy (definitely his best), and just a small taste about what this newcomer (at the time), Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn has in store for us.

darth v (ru) wrote: This is a terrible movie. Please don't waste your money or the precious 90 minutes you'll never get back. I have a large sci-fi collection and this is one movie I don't plan on ever seeing again.

Dermit Z (nl) wrote: Very limited in scope, the movie stays well within the boundaries of a single battle between Zulus and British. Too well for my liking. Besides the opening, we hardly get a change of scenary, and as another commented there's a failure to present any kind of historical context. I didn't get what the minister was on about. It's free from agenda pushing, but there's as little to captivate the mind.