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Scott M (fr) wrote: im in a really bad habit the now keep picking filma that are boring me early on. this was utter mince but yet couldve been a really good film i feel with little bit more nearly every part of the story. ach well shit happens.

James K (ag) wrote: A punky, interlocking series of quirky tales all relating to the power of art and the effect it can have on people. The pacing and exposition work much better to the Western eye than so many Japanese films, but the character is strictly Nippon.

Luca B (ca) wrote: Istruttivo, in certi momenti troppo lento ma in linea con la percezione del tempo degli indios.

Erich B (es) wrote: I enjoyed it. It's a nice little history of California wine Hollywood style.

Eduardo S (jp) wrote: ta buena la peli, hace mucho la quera ver y al fin la consegui!

keiron b (ru) wrote: Expected more, poorly acted.

Ruben J (ca) wrote: Es cuanto menos interesante, tratada desde un angulo muy poco conservador. Los personajes son solidos y estan bien construidos, la atmosfera es asfixiante, puedes oler el sudor, el alcohol, la desesperacin de sus protagonistas, muy bien contada y nada convencional.

Robert S (ca) wrote: This is Classic Carry On...

Joe C (mx) wrote: How would one parody bad, sleazy, teen romp movies? You intentionally make it badder and sleazier. And that what's exactly what Fox Searchlight did in 1970 with Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. They let artsy, nudie-filmmaker Russ Meyers run riot with a studio budget assaulting the screenplay, written by a surprising source (go ahead, look it up) with a demented brio and a kookily square psychedelia. Gloriously bad, endlessly quotable, and surprisingly restrained, especially by today's standards, but no doubt raunchy and taboo filled. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls features continuity errors out the wazoo, a British lead actress who lets her accent slip several times, and a tastelessly hilarious twist at the end that was a literal afterthought. It's a movie that doesn't take itself even remotely serious. And that's why I respect it. I didn't like it, but I was amused by it. Besides, quality filmmaking is for squares, man. Peace out, daddy-o.

Kim B (ru) wrote: This is probably more enjoyable to watch if you are a kid, as an adult its pretty boring and long. The graphics are horrible, granted it is the 60s, but a lot of the movie is singing but not very good songs. I usually like musicals and movies with animals but this fell rather flat.

Carlos G (es) wrote: visualmente... perfecta, lo dems... NO!

Garrett C (kr) wrote: Easily one of the greatest Elvis films. The noir streets, acting, and songs are top notch here. The story seems to run on doing the same things over and over again.

Ryan M (gb) wrote: I'm beginning to think Preminger never made a bad noir. (I even admire 'Whirlpool', which seems to turn most people off.) This one has a slightly higher "purity" quotient genre-wise; it lacks the "melo" in 'Angel Face' and 'Fallen Angel''s drama (literally: there's hardly any music). Also it's interesting that Preminger denies Dana Andrews the near-glorious finish that seems very much imminent, opting instead for an unironic anticlimax to a film bursting with ironies. And for an actress with so much sex appeal, Tierney is always reigned in and low-key for her Preminger roles. What I like most about this particular Preminger noir is its success in humanizing Andrews with almost no recourse to sentiment. (The paternal ghost haunting Andrews threatens to become a misstep when it starts looking like the key to Andrews' character, but thankfully it isn't overemphasized and is just a bit of the psychoanalytic padding you'll find in %90 of film noirs.) In this respect 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' goes further than 'Laura', which wears its romanticism on its sleeve.

Carlos R (jp) wrote: The 1st act was great and the origin story was very well done. Unfortunately, it ends up becoming very bland as soon as he becomes a superhero.

Sam N (kr) wrote: The messiest film I've never been able to let go of.

F B (it) wrote: Reasonably good film and story although lost me a bit with the characters