Kotaro and Kuroe marry almost immediately in a Christian ceremony and move into an apartment. Life is completely joyous until, one day, Kuroe falls ill. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kuroe torrent reviews

Shawn E (br) wrote: This movie was awful. I thought it would be good with Dennis Quaid but was I disappointed.

Harry S (it) wrote: Very Interesting Docu-Film. Makes You Wonder Why You Slave Away For The Pathetic Money We Earn When We Could Be Earning Millions

sam r (mx) wrote: LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! Marion's "organisms" HILARIOUS!!

Ibraheem M (us) wrote: It may not be the most fascinating romantic comedy in the world but Cher and her mother flourish it.

Ken S (de) wrote: I really don't get the appeal. I like Alex Cox, but this is just...bad.

jackie b (it) wrote: loved it we saw it in svt class lol evry1 in 5eme 4

Julian T (es) wrote: Definetly not what I was expecting. Wandering, aimless and directionless film. Gets so sidetracked that you pretty much forget what the movie is supposed to be about in the first place. Contains no real information about lightning, as I didn't learn a damn thing the whole time. So philosophical that it really looses any semblance of an educational or informative film. Its lightning photography are extremely impressive, and the last 10 minutes in which a lightning strike survivor recites his absolutely harrowing story is the highlight of the film. Other than that, I can't say this is worth anyone's time.

DC F (br) wrote: I was going to give this a big rotten review due to the first half being so overdrawn and incredibly boring! I enjoy build-up, but this took way too long and had nothing going for it until the last half where the movie begins to finally come together and keep my attention. maybe I expected too much, but the acting was above average and watching this for the last 45 minutes made things worthwhile.

Ryan W (jp) wrote: Such an underrated film! Brad Renfro and Ian McClellan are stunning in the film and it's a really edgy script about a Nazi war criminal hiding in a boys neighbourhood. The boy recognizes the man from his history books and gets a first hand account of what it was like to be the evil Nazi rather than the victim.

Dana J (nl) wrote: Keira Knightly plays Meg, a 20-something with no job, a masters degree and friends she dislikes and don't understand her. She's had the same boyfriend since high school. Catches her dad cheating on her mom. Boyfriend tries to propose at her friends wedding. She freaks out and ends up meeting Chloe Moretz. Anika, at a grocery store while trying to get her to buy her and her friends beer. Meg goes to live with her and her Dad. Falls in love with her dad. Learns she needs to ditch her friends and boyfriend. Long story short, it's a typical figuring out your life story. Nothing too special but kept me entertained.

Trouble B (mx) wrote: Feels rather like the cinematic equivalent of Status Quo. Embarrassing.