Kuselan revolves around the tale of a beautiful friendship between a popular actor and a poor barber.

Kuselan revolves around the tale of a beautiful friendship between a popular actor and a poor barber. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marina N (au) wrote: Singh and Sharma have a rare onscreen chemsitry and watching them in "Band Baaja Baaraat" has been pure joy. This movie cannot keep up with their previous joint film. The story: a con artist cheats on young women stealing their money until three of them team up and hire a female con artist to turn the tables. The first third focusses on how the three girls have been played. It's quite enjoyable although nothing out of the ordinary. The three ladies each have very distinct characters and it's a good mix. Singh is a good choice for the seducing and charming con artist. Although Singh and Sharma are great together, the middle is somwhat slow. The chemistry between the two actors really leads to some great scenes with have deep emotions that I longed to see more of. Unfortunately, when this romance with obstacles emerges, the film is almost at its end, and I really wished that this emotional tensions have been exploited more in the film. For the more than 2 hour length, the ending was even somewhat abrupt (although not a surprise). The film has solid ingredients, but somehow, all in all, it didn't work. Maybe I missed the songs ( a somewhat embarassing confession).

Rhianna D (es) wrote: The scariest part of this movie was Bill Oberst's face

Simon D (fr) wrote: What a painfully terrible film. I at least hoped for a bit of UFC style action but, apart from a very short Forrest Griffin fight at the start, the rest is ridiculous prison brawling. Vinnie Jones' acting has actually improved slightly but not by enough to merit creditability.

Joetaeb D (es) wrote: While Renee Zellweger and Jodelle Ferland give great performances. Case 39 wastes their efforts, Not to mention Director Christian Alvert's firm hand at directing, on a flat and uninspired plot that ultimately breaks down in the end.

Mike H (nl) wrote: A slow moving dialog based movie. Tom Wilkinson did an amazing job, but the movie itself drug a little. The ending was good, but just took forever to get there. I like the storyline but I needed a little more.

DJ J (jp) wrote: If I had one last thing I could have or do before I died, it would not be lusting over or fornicating with a halfway decent super model. It just kinda made me feel awkward watching this guy dis Christ and lose his soul. The dood died with a smile on his face, but Im not so sure he's gona be smiling when he gets where he goin. But hey, what do I know?

Alonso A (mx) wrote: Absolutely thrilling as a balls to the wall screen onslaught, but not as effective as a teenage melodrama. Fukasaku knows how to create a palpable atmosphere in this retro-futurist world, and for sure has a great repertoire of interesting ways to shoot on-screen massacre, but even if the implausibility and cheesy acting and dialogue are part of the genre thrills, some of his decisions in the final act just feel off.The characters are memorable as cool anime caricatures, but not particularly interesting or multi-layered, so when the film aims for an emotional response it really seems far fetched and overly melodramatic.Even if it doesn`t really resonate on a satiric or emotional level, Battle Royale is filled with bizarre and bold decisions that make it work as thoroughly enjoyable and badass piece of entertainment.

mark d (nl) wrote: The film won the Audience Award at Sundance 2000. Many of the film's actors later reached national prominence as part of the HBO cable television series The Sopranos, including Michael Rispoli, Kathrine Narducci, Matt Servitto, Vincent Pastore, Joseph R. Gannascoli, Sharon Angela and Michele Santopietro (Jackie Aprile, Sr., Charmaine Bucco, Agent Harris, Big Pussy, Vito Spatafore, Rosalie Aprile and JoJo Palmice, respectively, in The Sopranos). The songs on the film's soundtrack were done by John Pizzarelli and his trio, a jazz recording artist.

Peter P (nl) wrote: Slow interesting drama with decent acting, but it is kinda forgettable overall.

Dave B (ru) wrote: Read the play, and watched the film. Have to say i was impressed with both. Absolutly breathtaking cinematography!

Juuso N (us) wrote: The best romantic comedy of its era!

James T (it) wrote: Still, Wayne at his best!

Tommy H (kr) wrote: I thought the last half was too depressing. If a movie is going to make me depressed I want it to mean something. "Drugs are bad" has about as much meaning as "the sky is blue." I don't like the Sex Pistols so it wasn't interesting from a fandom perspective. I also didn't like Sid and Nancy. I have no problem with watching a movie about someone I don't like and their crazy lifestyle, but don't ask me to feel sorry for them. They are pitiful and tragic, though. The first half of the film is where the movie succeeds. I like old school punk culture and how self-destructive it is. I just don't want so much realism with my self-destruction.

Terri H (es) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Scott S (br) wrote: H.G. Wells' First Men in the Moon (1964) -- [6.5] -- A British couple and a mad scientist embark on the world's first trip to the moon and end up getting more than they bargained for in this colorful fantasy featuring visual effects and animation by Ray Harryhausen. "First Men in the Moon" is beautifully rendered with imaginitive set design, color-saturated cinematography, and a grand score by Laurie Johnson. It's also a bit more sophisticated than most films of its time and genre. The scientist and the couple have an ongoing moral conflict about whether to regard the moon's alien inhabitants (cute bug-like critters) as dangerous or friendly, and the movie doesn't reveal the creatures' motives until the final reel. Their leader is a pretty nifty character, speaking with a calm, creepy voice and hidden behind a force field so that you never see him clearly. As far as pre-'Star Wars' sci-fi/fantasy films go, this one is worth a look.

Melissa G (es) wrote: To be honest, I only watched it because of Gene Kelly.

Victor G (ca) wrote: HhbghgbgyygggghhhhLllxxxcvvvvvhjkkltlkJotozjirtjjortojioij iipiiiooooo

Jacob G (ag) wrote: #WeddingFilms - Surprisingly enjoyable comedy. Thought I would hate it, but actually it turned out to be good fun!

Charlie M (ru) wrote: A killer croc hits Maine and a town is terrorized in this campy horror pic.