Broadcasting through a makeshift network of discarded televisions, this story is tangled up in the aftermath of Los Angeles's worst earthquake nightmare. Travel between screens and aftershocks into the twisted lives of the survived.

Events unfold after a devastating earthquake in Los Angeles as the bizarre, mutated survivors of the nightmarish disaster broadcast their stories on a makeshift network of discarded televisions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank W (ca) wrote: Just saw the US premiere in Santa Barbara. Do yourself a favor and see this movie. It is well worth your time! Powerful yet human, touching yet scary, it's a testament to the will of a man (and his friends) in spite of the strict prohibitions of the 2009 Iranian regime. Well acted, beautiful photography, outstanding dancing, very credible film - it's based on a true story. 5 stars.

Syed R (es) wrote: Not a bad Werewolf movie, it got its moments and I really enjoyed the ending. I didn't realize they would be more than one werewolf so that was a surprise. The special effects was really great. I'd prefer An American Werewolf in London over this, but it's still pretty good.

Bill R (gb) wrote: a movie that only has two things going for it. it doesnt take itself seriously and the gore effects. story is kinda bad and so is the acting but campy and for the gore fan its a bit sliw but what there is is decently done.

Erin W (jp) wrote: Animation is great, but plot is dumb and I can't get over how much the old lady alien looks like E.T.

Narayanan A (jp) wrote: 77% - It might not be a typical Bourne film, but it is certainly a really good action film with great characters, strong story, and well-choreographed action sequences.

Jonathan (us) wrote: Get the honey, Junior!

Bradley F (it) wrote: Just like Movie 43, I don't know why anyone including Director John Asher thought "Dirty Love" was good enough to go from the written page to the big screen. Not only is it unfunny and poorly acted, but the characters and the screenplay are just so mean spirited it makes you really sick to think humans actually are capable of such garbage. Rebecca (Jenny McCarthy) is a photographer who suddenly gets dumped by her model boyfriend. So with the help of her increasingly annoying friends, she begins to extract revenge by... being a whore? I am sorry, but there is no other word for it. Rebecca never gives out a detailed plan or scheme. It's just sleep with a bunch of guys so her shallow and stupid ex-boyfriend gets jealous. Also, Rebecca's character really is a loud and obnoxious woman who really annoys me whenever she is on screen. She is almost just as annoying as Jill Sadelstein. Jenny McCarthy offers no help either, she portrays the character almost as if it's meant to be a woman with sever mental problems. Strange thing is, she wrote the script. There are two scenes that were absolutely horrendous. The opening scene where Rebecca is losing her mind because she just found out the idiot cheated on her. She literally throws a temper tantrum like she's 3 years old. Are you kidding me? I know Break ups are terrible, but this... this is straight out PSYCHO! The other scene is where she is at a super market and starts to have her period... all over the place. Why did we need to see that? What was the point? Did Jenny just want the audience to throw up in their popcorn or something? Gross out comedy hardly ever works and when it fails, it fails hard. The supporting cat hardly helps either, but the worst of all is Carmen Electra. Not only is her acting skill at level zero, but she plays a very racist stereotype. I can barely speak about it, but I will just say she's like the female Jar-Jar Binks. Another problem with this movie is the same problem that occurred in such films as "Jack and Jill" and "Can't Stop The Music", the entire cast looks like they are so bored being in this movie. This film is supposed to be a fun comedy, then why the hell does this cast look like they just want to take the check and go home? Then again, if I was in the film I would probably act the same way. If you want to talk about the hardships of a break up, that's cool. If you want to talk about different types of relationships, that's fine. But please, do it as an adult. Don't act like a child who throws tantrums and looks at things in such a shallow way. That is probably the huge issue I have with this movie. It feels as if it was made for kids ages 12-14 and yet it so gross to just watch. Everyone talks like teenagers with no brain and the "Revenge" is just an excuse for our main character to act promiscuous. The 4 time Razzie winning "Dirty Love" is a disgusting, sexist, shallow and heartless film. The acting and writing look as if it was rehearsed in one go and this film is proof that Jenny McCarthy should stay away from film. Anything good about this movie? Yes just one, Kathy Griffin. Yeah her scene is not that funny, but still it was fun to see her. Besides that, just stay away from this film.

Damon H (us) wrote: A wonderful twister of a film noir. starring Audrey Tautou, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. This is the movie that started Chiwetel's career, and you probrobly have seen him in World of Men. The movie is about a group of illegal immigrants hiding out in London, who are struggeling to get their visas, green cards, and passports together to go to to America. But desperations drives them to contact a blackmarket organ profiteer.

Jason A (nl) wrote: A near perfect film, Isaac Florentine's B-movie masterpiece, Bridge of Dragons, stars Dolph Lundgren, Valerie Chow, Cary Tagawa, and that dude who got caught humping that lady in the closet by Dalton in Roadhouse. If you rent this, you will most definitely NOT be disappointed.Warchyld (Lundgren) has been given the task of finding the AWOL princess Halo (played by Chow, who for some reason goes by Rachel Shane here) by the evil warlord Reuchang (Tagawa). Along the way, trained killer falls for little hottie, and realizes his benefactor isn't such a nice guy after all. Said trained killer hooks up with rebel alliance and takes down the baddie, all the while getting the girl, Dolph style. Simple plot, right? What's most important to remember while watching this movie are the little details that make it so great- it's always fun when you're viewing something,and it looks like the sets and wardrobe are just taken from a dozen different movies and mixed together. In this "alternative future" setting, the mishmash of sets and clothes works to its advantage. You got WWII era uniforms mixing with clothes taken from 'Masters of the Universe, mix in some Road Warrior stuff with modern-day US army outfits, and bam! Pure B movie hilarity. Lundgren plays this all with a straight face- the majority of the time. There are moments when I feel he's kind of nodding to the viewer and "in on the joke." Tagawa is equally classic as the bad guy, and delivers his usual great performance. He and Dolph square off for the second time here (the first being 'Showdown in Little Tokyo,' another Dolph classic), and I tell you, I'm waiting for part three anxiously. Oh yeah, did I mention the guy who gets caught humping the girl in the closet by Dalton in Road House is here, and he plays Dolph's buddy? Go ahead and rent this, you'll be so glad you did.

Lyndon G (us) wrote: I must admit I like this partly because it's Italian and I was in Italian class when I was introduced, but also because Roberto Benigni is damn nigh infallibly entertaining in my hands (even in Pinocchio, which I thought was charming in Italian). Here he plays one Johnny Toothpick ("Stecchino"), a Sicilian mobster that a few people don't like, and also his physically indistinguishable opposite Dante, a moper and bungler who gets by on insurance checks by pretending he can't stop his arm moving. Needless to say Dante wouldn't use suspicion on a beautiful woman falling in love with him on sight, however unconvincingly... This toweringly unserious plot is a distant relative of Ace Ventura's, but extravagant in an Italian way. The comparison is oblique--they're not much alike on the surface. It's all Benigni, lovably funny or broke.

Courtney K (gb) wrote: why did they make his sister so ugly? like, i get that she would have some kind of dis-figuration or something due to the circumstances, but in flashbacks she looked normal, i thought HE was supposed to be the freak... anyways -- i agree with the majority of the ratings though. this was an unneeded remake and they made it more comical the second time around -- i felt it took away from the horror aspect of it. i wouldn't recommend it.

Christopher S (es) wrote: B-movie is not so much a horror film as a dark period melodrama with some surprisingly gruesome touches for its era. A strong performance from horror icon Boris Karloff, and an effective atmosphere - director Robert Day makes great use of his low budget - but it's slow-paced and the story isn't too compelling. Well-made, but not particularly memorable.

jay n (ca) wrote: Overheated pre-code elevated by Tallulah who looks amazing and wears some eye popping creations. The story is so much nonsense with a bit of a sadistic twist but as a chance to see the you Bankhead it can't be beat.

Raji K (nl) wrote: Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson star in Indecent Proposal. Moore and Harrelson are madly in love, but are falling on hard times financially. They come across John Gage (Redford) a billionaire who offers them 1 million dollars to sleep with Moore. The proposal is accepted and the rest of the movie is the trio of them dealing with the consequences of that night. Indecent Proposal is a bit hoaky and forced and although it strongly proves the point that money does not buy happiness or prove to solve problems, the film does not have much else to offer.

dude m (kr) wrote: The "Amazing" Spider-man, a terrible reboot of the great trilogy of movies. The cast look nothing like they did in the originals and this is Spider-man 3 all over again going for a more edgy approach.