Küss mich, Monster

Küss mich, Monster

Blue Underground proudly presents these psychedelic spy spoofs featuring the bold and beautiful detective duo The Red Lips! KISS ME, MONSTER finds the girls moonlighting on a striptease ...

It was shot at the same time as Rote Lippen Sadisterotica (1969), and once again features Yanni and Reynaud as statuesque “Red Lips” girls, a detective duo with undefined links to Interpol. It’s a phantasmagoric mixture of ultracamp and virtually incomprehensible hi-jinks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PlatinumGlitchMint P (nl) wrote: Disgustingly dreadful. Save for one or to funny oneliners from the lead, Larry The Cable Guy is not one to expect much from, but I did not expect this film to be this bad. Or perhaps I did and was afraid to admit it.

kyo 9 (jp) wrote: i felt kinda boring watching this anime..

Christine D (us) wrote: Excellent movie! A definite watch if you haven't seen it. Scary how two different scenarios with each of their own opinions could have had a impacting outcome.

Martin H (ag) wrote: It's a solid Karate Kid entry and rounds up the original trilogy well. Obviously Mr Mayagi returns for the next instalment, but the story of Daniel is finished here and that itself is emotional. There's such terrific chemistry between Mayagi and Daniel that it's hard to replace. 7/10

Eric (us) wrote: Lots ov BIG tits & violence

Cyrille K (nl) wrote: The conjuction of Ito's filming, Kaji's acting and feminists stances produces a brutal and surreal masterpiece. Amazing.

Timothy J (gb) wrote: A British movie with all British actors and why not. It is Great Britain's greatest naval victory in WW2.

Wari R (us) wrote: The film starts off really good an then goes down hill the minute the giant ants appear. There is no blood or any kind of gruesome kills. I mean we don't even see any Ants get ripped apart. Movies like this are notorious for over the top outrageous scenes, and at a time when the late 70's pulled no punches this was a small let down for me. If it wasn't so TV friendly this might have been a jewel.

Fabio K (jp) wrote: Um excelente e ousado filme, perfeito mesmo na atualidade, e pode ser facilmente considerado o melhor filme de Charlie Chaplin.

Gareth R (ca) wrote: Lou Ferrigno was in many ways, a poor man's Arnie. He was inferior in size and acting ability (if you can believe that). His career in films never quite kicked off, maybe because he was completely wooden may have something to do with it. This film is good to pop on if you've got a bunch of drunk mates and there's no other form of entertainment.

Anna L (br) wrote: Jeez, that was bleak.

Spencer K (gb) wrote: an absolutely inane, mind numbingly idiotic mess of a film. it's frantic, messy, I didn't know what was going on half of the time because of the choppy editing and terrible filmmaking. I really liked the first two V/H/S films but this one is a disgrace to those two. I really hated this one and couldn't wait to turn it off. the only reason this gets one star is because of the Parallel Dimension short. that was its only redeeming quality. save your time and do something better for an hour and 20 minutes.