Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon

Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon

After his father is killed, King Valemon ascends the throne, only to be turned into a polar bear by a bitter witch who wants to be his queen. Valemon must find a bride in the seven year ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:king,   fairy tale,   curse,  

After his father is killed, King Valemon ascends the throne, only to be turned into a polar bear by a bitter witch who wants to be his queen. Valemon must find a bride in the seven year ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rose G (gb) wrote: This was really good I can't wait for the second one

Jack W (fr) wrote: The first half builds up the intrigue and tension and has you hooked but the second half completely shatters it all with a convoluted and over-the-top plot.

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bill s (es) wrote: I loved the music and the nostalgic aspect of this film.Tragic in as you can see how oh so tired Joplin seemed not long before her end,

Matt R (br) wrote: They've finally found the right setting for our gold-loving villain and managed to actually give him some fun dialogue, resulting in the sort B-movie camp that was sorely missing from its predecessors.

Sylvester K (es) wrote: It's not so bad consider it's a low budget satire film about the 50s suburbia, where a family holds a dark secret. I love the camera angles and the different scenes. It was an effective black comedy, however a bit too dark at times. The campiness and cliche really helped with bringing out the comic elements.

John H (it) wrote: Bonnaire gives a good performance as the girl who is ultimately left unknown, and Varda's direction is a cunning mix of documentary and narrative styles that both reveal and push away. The rating is because I couldn't get into it on more than an intellectual level, but it remains a very good film.

Kyle M (it) wrote: The genuine classic from the film industry groundbreaker and thrills gatherer Spielberg may be frightening on the big screen, but not too much on the small screen with a scene to make you jump. Solid script nicely delivered and cleverly filmed while still thrilling - probably more upon revisiting it - that proved effective by the fine techniques, but it's gruesomely violent. (B+)(Full review TBD)

Ben L (ru) wrote: Seconds is a film about a banker who goes through a procedure to erase his current existence and start life over as a younger man. The interesting aspect of this film is in the organization that performs the procedure and how it goes about its daily operations. There's a lot of mystery involved and I like how they slowly reveal the secrets as the film goes on. However the development of the protagonist's story I found to be a bit under-written. In fact I kept feeling like I missed something because they don't properly establish what is wrong with his existing life or why he's so quick to leave it. It came across as though he was just going to meet with the company in order to see what it was all about, but within a couple of scenes he fully signs on to end his life. Because of this rushed beginning I didn't buy in emotionally in the later scenes when he craves to go back to his former life. I also didn't understand why it was so traumatic to him when he met other people who had gone through the procedure. It seems Seconds was trying to point to something deeper in the human psyche and I just failed to comprehend it. For me this felt like an overlong episode of the Twilight Zone. The camera effects were remarkable, particularly some of the tracking shots that followed characters, but I just wasn't invested in those characters. If you're interested in an odd psychological thriller that is very visually stimulating then Seconds is one you might enjoy, it just didn't work all that well for me.

Sanford R (ag) wrote: I'd like to see it if I could find it

Carlos M (mx) wrote: A colorful musical version of Romeo and Juliet in the 1960s New York that should always be remembered for Bernstein's great score and its wonderful musical numbers and editing, yet it is hard to overlook the pedestrian dialogue, the corny romance and Beymer miscast as a street gang kid.

Zehera M (jp) wrote: Its a classic Guru Dutt film - must watch.

Bobby R (es) wrote: 9 out of 10......a fabulous film that is as relevant today as it was in 1937. If you havent seen this...I'm highly recommending.

Chris G (es) wrote: Sweet, funny, and crass, the duplass brothers absolutely deliver.

John20 G (nl) wrote: Hey. I loved this movie. The queens were bad a** and there was a lot of great humor thrown in. You can have whatever opinion you want but I will watch more movies if they make them.

Jeff S (es) wrote: Not the best but just ok.

Rangan R (kr) wrote: When the ancient spirits set loose.Usually horror films are the most clichd genre, especially when it comes to those scaring parts, all the films use the same sudden sound effects and disfigured human images with the strong makeup or the graphics. This film is nothing less than any of those, but a bit too much in the first three quarters. Like they are keeping some suspense, but it was just dragging to extend the film length and what comes in the final quarter is actually the story with a twist. So when that revelation happens, you would probably lose complete interest on this. Because that's not the demons you're expecting after all the hype was created in the earlier segment.The story was just okay, but it was well known to us in different forms from the different films. In this, it is set in a different location with different cast, so that makes the film is fresh, but it wasn't. Some ancient spirits were set loose when a family was picnicking and it follows them to their house. Now they suffer from some unexplainable events and they decide to get rid bringing the people who can. That leads to the final act where the story comes to end.They say it was inspired by the real event involving a family. So that might interest some viewers to check it out. But if you're an atheist, this is just a joke. From the director of 'Wolf Creek' with the decent performances by Kevin Bacon and Radha Mictchell, the film did not become best among its theme. Just a watchable film, after that you won't going to remember it a week or a month later. Very few might like it, but it's impossible to say who they're, so I'm not going to suggest or reject it.4/10