Kyle Cease: Weirder. Blacker. Dimpler.

Kyle Cease: Weirder. Blacker. Dimpler.

With an act tailor-made for ADD sufferers, comedian Kyle Cease's freewheeling ramblings are as hilarious as they are diverse. Jumping from topic to wild topic, the frenetic comic lets no tangent go unexplored in this live stand-up performance at Seattle's Moore Theatre.

Enter the insane comic mind of fresh young comedian Kyle Cease. After gaining wide attention for his roles in Not Another Teen Movie and 10 Things I Hate About You, fans were irresistibly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kyle Cease: Weirder. Blacker. Dimpler. torrent reviews

Fai D (nl) wrote: This movie had so much potential. So much in this movie is good until it all goes nowhere. It could've been the next Delhi Belly.

Swayamdeep S (es) wrote: DC >>> Marvel.

Erick P (ru) wrote: Es una buena pelcula, pero no excelente, con un final interesante y una histora trgica y hasta ah... sin embargo, la histora es linda y ver el esfuerzo que realizan los personajes para llevar a cabo sus metas, es muy genial. Est-ce que toutes les histoires bonnes commencent en mai et qu'elles terminent en juillet?

Ken W (it) wrote: Emotional and touching. A wonderful tale of self discovery set in a place I have longed to visit, see, and experience for myself. The world needs more movies like this.

Brian S (it) wrote: No, don't.This is another low-budget, unoriginal zombie flick. Every expense has been spared. The zombie make-up looks unconvincing, and the zombies themselves are like lumbering Romero creations in some scenes and rage virus victims in others. The acting, when it exists at all, is amateurish. The plot's been done to death. The government is testing a virus that turns people into the perfect weapon. They've quarantined yet another town (apparently, San Bernardino this time). There are yet more government spooks pulling strings behind the scenes. In this one, the zombies don't attack government people for reasons never explained; we see a plain clothes spy lurking among the crowds of zombies in several scenes and they ignore him. In the flick's climax, though, we learn that the government agents are protecting themselves with "radiation towers" that look exactly like cheap space heaters one might pick up from Loew's.Loaded with inconsistencies, riddled with bad writing and all filmed in digital video that some scenes are hard to see at all. Viewers of a certain age may be reminded of the days when rabbit ear antennae were on every TV and one sometimes had to strain to pick the picture out of static snow.Pass this one by unless you're an aficionado of the "we can make it at home for ten cents" school of amateur film-making.

David M (mx) wrote: An unfocused documentary that never gives any real depth, what it is is basically a whatfor from filmmakers who were hired to chronicle Duffy's rise to the top, and instead made a documentary about his undoing. Duffy is the writer director of the Boondock Saints, now a cult classic. I never much cared for it. It's a sophomoric Tarantino wannabe like Formula 51 and several other post Pulp Fiction 90s crime films. Duffy comes off as a douchebag of epic proportions, spouting off esoteric monologues on his greatness before he's done anything other than option a script and be offered a record deal. His ego basically cuts off this gift at the knees. He burns every bridge, and is left with nothing to show for it all. It also works slightly, as a Hollywood expose on the fickle nature of Hollywood. One minute he's a golden boy, with Mark Wahlberg, Jeff Goldbloom, Jerry Connoly, and others dying to work with him, the next nobody wants to be in his movie, and nobody will make or distribute it, all because he pissed one guy off. Not saying he didn't deserve it.

Timm S (us) wrote: Period Drama With Teeth!

Daniel C (it) wrote: Though most of the screen time is filled with cold-blooded dinosaurs, this movie is really a heartwarming tale of old birds. Nonetheless, the action thrills and raptor-suspense is incredibly entertaining.

Allan C (nl) wrote: An American imitation of an Italian imitation of an American western, or I suppose you could say it's an American version of a Spaghetti Western. Following his success in Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy, this was Clint Eastwood's film following those classic films. "Hang 'Em High" isn't anywhere as good as the Leone westerns, but it's still a pretty entertaining western. Clint is a wrongfully accused of cattle rustling and is hung by a mob. He survives the hanging and becomes a marshall in order to find the men who hung him. The film is certainly grittier and more violent than most traditional westerns of the period, but it's also nowhere as smart as the revisionist westerns being made at the same time by Sam Peckinpah or Monte Hellman. Director Ted Post does an adequate job and Clint Eastwood is great as usual. There's also a solid supporting cast, which includes Inger Stevens, Pat Hingle, Ed Begley, Ben Johnson, Charles McGraw, Bruce Dern, Alan Hale Jr., Dennis Hopper, L.Q. Jones and look fast for Redd Foxx as a paddy wagon prisoner. This film was also the first production of the Malpaso Company, Clint's own production company.

X T (nl) wrote: The premise is simple: two boys ecape from the train going to a Nazi prison camp and have to deal with hunger and some old men hunting them down. The cinematography is beautiful and the editing amazing, reminescent of Funeral Parade of Roses and Marienbad. I found it vague as why the old men were hunting them.

Ivan B (es) wrote: Only worth watching because of Kelton the Cop...

Ruth L (us) wrote: Excellent war-time movie.

Federico F (au) wrote: commercial film where the actors seem drones to wand without putting passion, dispelling the representation where one could expect much more

Josh H (mx) wrote: A glorious framework bursting with fascinating ideas, torn away by flat acting and boring direction. All data, no soul.

Jessica H (fr) wrote: At least it's a change from the constant football films that keep poping up.

Brad S (es) wrote: Cheesy 80's film, but I enjoy it. Well worth a watch if you've never seen it. John Stockwell and Fisher Stevens are good and Dennis Hopper has a small supporting role. The VFX are cheesy, but add to its charm. A must watch for fans of 80's films!