We may be quick to blame secret organizations, greedy corporations and corrupt politicians for the state of the environment and economy. The harsh truth is that the world is in its current ...

Ben Stewart, the bright young musician and philosopher who brought us the sleeper hit "Esoteric Agenda", unveils his new work, Kymatica!. Kymatica will venture into the realm of Cymatics and Shamanic practices. It will offer insight into the human psyche and discuss matters of spirituality, altered states of consciousness and much more! Not to be missed! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Richard S (us) wrote: Ti West is mostly known for horrors, most of which are straight to DVD fodder yet are still surprisingly entertaining. Therefore I was interested to see what he was going to do with a western with some bigger film stars than his usual cast. Ethan Hawke basically plays John Wick transported back to the wild west. He is an ex-military man who gets into an argument with the locals which then results in the death of his dog. This then leads to a bloody trail of vengeance through the town which is overseen by corrupt marshal John Travolta. It's a pretty decent revenge thriller that doesn't take itself too seriously, just like most of the director's movies. I think it would have made a better film without the humour as it did feel a little misplaced at times. This is a film that loiters on the perimeter of the grindhouse movies and so of you're a fan of those movies you may just enjoy this one too.


blake d (kr) wrote: Impressive street dancing and beautiful scenery but ultimately nothing more.

Janelle S (ca) wrote: heehee. I love David Spade

fruit (au) wrote: I'd love it if I were grown up in the nowhere town in the 80's or a 'gweilo', but I was neither and I found the movie plain boring.

Adam D (jp) wrote: cute enough series of movies for kids

Phillie E (ag) wrote: I guess you'd enjoy this film if you were 7 years old in 1995.

Felipe F (br) wrote: Norma Rae is too predictable and safe to be ambitious, but Sally Fields phenomenal performance more than compensates for its flaws.

Nader O (kr) wrote: A short, sharp, comedy-road movie... beautifully shot, well made, and completely pointless. Of course you will enjoy it better if you are a 'spilberg' Fan... and by the way it has a wonderful score and title song.

David B (es) wrote: I compare this movie to Sandra Bullocks' "The Net", reasonably good in its day but now heavily dated. Dave Stewart of 'Eurythmics' cameos.

Kevin M W (de) wrote: An inventive little twist to the usual relationship comedy makes for an interesting time at the flickers, at least initially, as a couple venture to a retreat to mend their troubles. The follow-through leaves something to be desired, and yet this is still a more interesting piece than most, with something valid to take away at the ending.

Deborah M (au) wrote: I have a fondness for schlocky 80s horror flicks and Wes took this one a notch above the typical fare. Sure, it's silly (and not in the same league as Nightmare or Scream) but it is enjoyable to watch.

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