Kyô, koi o hajimemasu

Kyô, koi o hajimemasu

Hibino, a geek girl fall in love for the first time with Kyouta, the playboy. What will happen when a zero experience girl coupled with a lot of experienced boy? Love for beginner begin.

Hibino Tsubaki (Takei Emi) is a young teenage girl with a talent for styling other people's hair. Yet, Tsubaki suffers from low self-esteem and isn't very comfortable styling her own hair. She also has a tendency to dress old-fashioned. She's teased at high school because of this. One day, popular male student Tsubaki Kyota (Matsuzaka Tori) targets Tsubaki for teasing. Tsubaki Kyota holds sway over the entire classroom and is quite a playboy. Inexplicably they fall in love. Meanwhile, Tsubaki Kyota has commitment issues... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt S (gb) wrote: Terrible acting but the cheesy-ness made it humourous! Quite a low budget film with lots of blatant blue screenage. If there was more gruesomeness in the killings and not just the aftermath of the bodies i woulda gave it 3stars! The story and setting itself was actually quite good, but they need to get their facts straight, the Wyvern was an ancient English/Celtic mystical creature and has nothing to do with the Norse!!! It was a creature much like a Dragon only more powerfull, some believed it to breath fire, some believed it had poisonous breath etc. UNfortunately the idea of it being frozen for thousands upon thousands of years and suddenly the ice caps melt where it was held and suddenly its heart begins beating again is pretty far fetched...although in this film the things still alive which would also be impossible due the lack of food found in Ice lol! Anyways, not a bad try Sci-Fi channel!

David T (es) wrote: I LIKED this. I know it's not the original but Eric Christian Olsen and Derek Richardson did a really good job.

bill s (mx) wrote: A fan of Foxx's but not this movie.

Mary K (br) wrote: Ew Russell Crowe, no thanks.

Stuart K (br) wrote: Directed by Michael Lehmann, who at the time was hot off the success of Heathers (1989), this action-comedy caper was co-conceived by it's star, who was able to get Die Hard producer Joel Silver to make it. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but Silver was soon wishing he had passed it on, and despite it's reputation as a notorious flop, there is quite a bit to admire in it. Eddie Hawkins (Bruce Willis), has just been released from jail after a long stint, he's a master thief known as Hudson Hawk. As soon as he's released from prison, Hudson finds himself being blackmailed by the Mafia and the CIA into doing a dangerous art heist with his old partner in crime Tommy "Five-Tone" Messina (Danny Aiello). They head to Rome where they're to steal crystals which are inside some of Da Vinci's works, but they soon find out what they're needed for, and it's all part of a plan by Darwin Mayflower (Richard E. Grant) and his wife Minerva (Sandra Bernhard), who are also in cahoots with CIA Chief George Kaplan (James Coburn). The tone and structure of the film comes across like a Blake Edwards film on acid, not much of it seems to make much sense, and it didn't help that it had a troubled production. But, it's a film which isn't sure what it wants to be, but it does have some good set pieces and a great cast. Oh, and look out for Fred Elliott from Corrie.

Michael L (fr) wrote: leaud is the man. we know that already. if youre on this page, you obviously love french new wave. this is long and has 3 characters principally but somehow, is still one of th emost facinating films ive ever seen.

Jens T (mx) wrote: Although Robert Bresson made three films before he made Diary of a Country Priest, this is called his first film because it's the first one where we see his famous trades mark that is so highly admired by many filmmakers, with it's realistic humanistic themed films, with natural lightning, sound and use of amateur actors which he call models.This is the story about the young priest, who is remained nameless who arrives as the new towns priest in a small village named Ambricourt where he faces many challenges and seems not to fit in or understand the towns inhabitants. He's also don't feeling very well, his health is getting worse, while at the same time just eating bread and wine which doesn't makes it better.To be honest I didn't think to much about this film. It was slow, and the dialogue and acting seed kind of hallowed, i didn't feel very much whating it, I though it would be more realistic and naturalistic, while the narration makes it even less. Thumbs down.

chandler c (au) wrote: There are plenty of laughs in this film, and seeing how it's from 1933 that says a lot. I haven't seen too many old films but out of all of them this seems ahead of its time. The Marx brothers have a type of humor that resonates with many of the comedians today; it's shocking to see it in 1933. I'm talking about the humor of having fun with others, mocking people and playing with anyone who is so serious. The kind of humor I know that the comedian and tv host Conan O'Brien was inspired by.

Will L (au) wrote: What it lacks in discipline, it makes up for in originality. It's quirky cast (which includes a largely A-list principle cast and many amusing cameos) and the conviction with which they play such goofy characters is not only funny and engaging, it is almost hypnotizing. This is a superhero caper that not only works as a brilliant spoof, but also a unique ensemble adventure comedy in its own right.

Chris Michael S (kr) wrote: Grand Hotel used parallel storytelling much like Crash and Magnolia did. The difference is, Grand Hotel's multiple stories didn't have much more than a location to connect them. However, each character offered a very intriguing story - making it a powerful drama. On top of that, it serves as a time-capsule for the glitz and glamour of early Hollywood.