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It's absurd not to trust me.

L is a excited movies torrent of Efthymis Filippou, George Giokas (original story by), Babis Makridis. This movie was introduced in 2012. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, such as Rakel Wärmländer, Dan Ekborg, Aris Servetalis, Efthymis Papadimitriou, Lefteris Matthaiou, Nota Cherniavsky, Thanassis Dimou, Stavros Raptis, Yannis Bostantzoglou, Christoforos Skamnakis. There are many categories, such as Drama. This movie was rated by 5.4 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 87 minutes. Chich1Phat is crazy uploader, he is very hard-working. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Awesome', so what is your thought. Do you know what are visitors? Maria Ozawa is the best. I don't fight my laptop screen. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

It's absurd not to trust me

L torrents

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L2012 torrent

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Users reviews

Alan M (ru)

Each deliver quietly insightful performances, infused with youthful exuberance, painting a vivid portrait of a doomed generation slowly coming to terms with its fate. 'Racing with the Moon' benefits from confident performances by Hollywood's rising stars, riding the crest of the wave of celebrity. The thin veil, which once masked the harsh truths, falls in a tear sodden heap as the mothers and fathers bid farewell to their ill prepared sons, sent to face a reality beyond comprehension. Their childish idealisms, glorifying senseless violence through naivety and misguided patriotism, are challenged by the poisonous hatred of conflict that is gradually seeping into their insular community and threatening their humble existence. Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage star as two reckless youths walking the path from childhood to adulthood beneath the gathering clouds of war, which cast doleful shadows upon their bitter-sweet journey to maturity, responsibility and the awaking of love in the form of the luminous Elizabeth McGovern. However, beneath the placid surface of the pleasantly quaint story is a nostalgic glimpse of traditional small town America as a microcosm of a bygone age of innocence that was lost in the bloodshed of WW2. 'Racing with the Moon' is a gentle coming of age drama set in 1942 California, lovingly created with impeccable period detail that is lightly dusted with amusing juvenile frolics and wholesome charm reminiscent of the era

Alex K (de)

One of the best war movies ever

Alex O (jp)

If you have the patience and really get into the movie it's mind blowing. Pretty good movie

Alex r (br)

Abel Ferara has crafted a strong film, and quite possible the strongest film of his career, and he manages to take the elements of his early work, and revamp it to make a much more serious picture, and like King of New York, Bad Lieutenant is Ferara's strongest work. Brilliantly acted, directed and shot, Bad Lieutenant is a gritty picture that is constantly riveting and thrilling. The film is not perfect, but it is a film that is entertaining, thrilling and is a roller coaster ride in the lead characters life. Ferara manages to make you feel that you're in the chaos and in turn makes you feel uncomfortable. The result is a drama that feels real, in your face and above all memorable. Abel Ferara is a master at crafting exploitation films, and with Bad Lieutenant he delivers a film that has genre elements, but added flair to make a somewhat more mainstream picture. Add to that Ferara's raw, gritty direction and you have a stellar picture that resonates with the viewer. Keitel dominates the screen with his presence and he is perfect for the part. The story is very good and is an intense portrayal of corruption. Ferara's direction here is much more focused than his previous work, and he has matured as a director that truly knows how to create an effective and memorable drama. What makes this a truly compelling picture is the way that Keitel delivers a powerful performance that is truly disturbing. Atmospheric and dark, Bad Lieutenant is one of Ferara's finest directorial efforts along with King of New York. He plays a corrupt cop, and he searches for salvation after years of drug abuse and gambling. Bad Lieutenant is an intense drama directed by Abel Ferara and starring Harvey Keitel in an intense performance that is one of his darkest roles of his career

Bill K (fr)

Have these two legends been in a good movie since the early 90's? Sad

Bradford G (gb)

A star lost in the last five minutes. Hilarious scenes in the men's group, a good supporting cast and the fantasy of Kevin McKidd and James Purefoy (Lucius Vorenus and Mark Antony from "Rome") as lovers almost makes up for the disaster of an ending. Funny and a just a little bit silly British rom-com

Brent C (ru)

aybe "Wall-E" isn't looking so bad after all? :). A total of a whopping 7%. "Mixed Nuts" a favorite of Jolyn Braithwaite, can barely scrape by with 2 fresh ratings

Brody M (ca)

If my HS was like this, School wouldve definitely been more interesting

Daniel M (nl)

-). . . . . . . NYC filming and a wicked pissa soundtrack. Great cast , in there prime . My Favorite Movie

Gareth J (fr)

You will have to see it for yourself in order to truly understand it. There's only one way to describe this movie: A very strange Norwegian teen film about a small-town girl and her struggles with sexual frustration and infatuation