L.A., I Hate You

L.A., I Hate You

The lives of an action star wannabe, a frustrated family man, and a guilt-ridden boyfriend, intertwine in three tales of sex, violence, redemption, murder, and unthinkable twists all taking place in the City of Angels; Los Angeles, California.

Inspired by true events, L.A., I HATE YOU intertwines three tales of sex, violence, redemption, murder and unthinkable twists all taking place in the City of Angels; Los Angeles. When a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh X H (ru) wrote: Great documentary. Educational and entertaining, spanning many eras and facets of the voice over industry.

Christopher D (us) wrote: It's a visual album dammit

Sean S (au) wrote: predictable and cliched from the beginning and doesn't have a original moment throughout. the attempt of comedy is lackluster as it constantly falls back on fart jokes and role reversal comedy with disasterous results. There are roughly 2 times i smiled throughout and the only saving grace is a performance by Jason Biggs which is likeable but the script is so terrible that the only reason you want him to succeed in saving the school is so the film will end.

Skylar K (fr) wrote: Not a great movie for some,but a guilty pleasure for the fans.

Devin H (ru) wrote: Its mostly the first 3 movies mashed together. I liked this as a kid. Haven't seen it in a while though... Is there a Blu ray copy of this? Probably not...

Peg S (nl) wrote: One of my All-time faves!

Graham M (kr) wrote: I don't quite understand all the negativity around this. While a little long, I felt it was a perfectly watchable sci-fi drama, even if it wasn't the best vehicle for Williams.

Raquel S (mx) wrote: I'ts one of those typical cases in which the movie is better recieved by the audience than the criticts. I'm glad to see that me, as part of the audience, I share my peer's view. It's always nice to see Sean Connery.

Laura M (kr) wrote: It was okay. The climax ended up being unwatchable due to lightning, which was a bummer.

Nicholas L (nl) wrote: Such a feel good movie. Richard Gere dazzles in a role that nobody can replace. I have not seen the original Japanese version so there is no comparison to be made. But this American remake is funny, enthusiastic and not overly cheesy. I also like the fact that there is no extra marital story between the student and the teacher. Recommended for a Saturday evening.

Jessica H (br) wrote: This is not one of those films that should not be deepley contemplated because when you do then you may not like it. other then that bit of infomation and the disturbing details, it's still an okay film.

Louisa T (jp) wrote: Completely predictable and cliched, but I thought it was kind of sweet.

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: 88% Wrestler Roddy Piper is our unlikely hero (Chris Farley mixed with Jack Burton (Kurt Russel) from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA TOWN), takes on the terribly troublesome task of repopulating the Earth...Earth may still be doomed. Perfect amount of camp, comedy and action. Made to be what it is: a cult classic.

David J (es) wrote: I Origins, if you excuse the terrible pun for a title, was an incredibly interesting movie. Pretty well-acted and gripping, the film looks at the ongoing debate between science and the spiritual, all the while being respectful towards both sides. I found the main protagonists at times an arrogant stiff, while likeable at others, and despite some hokey logic in the second half, the film finds a way to end very gracefully.

Simon V (gb) wrote: A very unsatisfying plot. Good shooting though.

Philip E (kr) wrote: Randomly watched this glad I did.

Paul D (de) wrote: This movie is a little weird, but in all the right ways! The first half moves at a slow pace, but as the movie unfolds, it gets really intense. It is beautifully shot and it is very Gothic. It may be a hard movie to classify, but it had me hooked into it for some reason.