L'affiche rouge

L'affiche rouge

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:french resistance,  

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L'affiche rouge torrent reviews

Jerome P (gb) wrote: One star for getting movie made and distributed for $75K. But the script is unimaginative and it felt like a student film.

Jay R (au) wrote: It was ok. Just seemed to drag on and on...

Chris G (gb) wrote: Not a bad farce comedy. Give it a go.

Hieu N (ru) wrote: Stylized and symbolic, sometime felt more like a piece of performing art. A few corny details here and there, but overall an intriguing and rather twisted story, beautifully done.

Chris B (jp) wrote: I don't really have a strong opinion about this movie because it didn't really affect me at all. Gimmicky and forgettable are all I can think to say about it.

Lucie D (fr) wrote: sylvie Testud exceptionnelle!

Jason C (es) wrote: The same director as begin again and sing Street, brings a more indie music based film than the others. The story here is a little lacking, but the chemistry between the two leads is decent. The music keeps the movie afloat and makes for an average film.

Robert C (it) wrote: Perhaps not a great movie but truly fun to watch.

Tim W (ca) wrote: Another great Abbot and Costello, though I didn't care for the singing, the filler, or the story, but I still enjoyed the comedy sketches.

Bethany W (ru) wrote: Well the movie info is incorrect...it's a great Halloween chiller but not a slasher film with Danielke Harris! I've heard this anthology was created when two of the dudes short online films were thrown together plus the silly alien one and a wrap around story, which is decent. The wraparound story actors are by far the best in the whole film, and like one reviewer said it does have an eighties flavor to it. Not sure why I like this film so much, I guess part of it is my love of anthologies, but not all of those are great(George Romeros Deadtime stories for example). So give it a chance and if one story doesn't grab you skip to the next!

Hiang M (mx) wrote: Buen giro, mal final

Tyler S (jp) wrote: I thought this movie was better than the flack it received. ..it's fun loving and McConaughey was funny as hell...the things him and his friends do for fun had me laughing each time. Loved the Terry Bradshaw cameo as his father. Good hearted fun .

Guilherme N (nl) wrote: Less leftist than Michael Moore's docs, here you have a raw but balanced, and specially human depiction of the food industry depiction.

Lisa R (gb) wrote: The performances are excellent, but the characters are almost all so unlikeable that it makes for a frustrating watch. It does show quite effectively the devastating impact decisions that are made for you or by you when you are a teenager can have on the rest of your life, but when you struggle to empathise or understand why the characters behave the way they do for most of the film it can affect your enjoyment and interpretation of their story. The film also fell into some predictability in the last quarter which was disappointing too.

Sean C (nl) wrote: As far as Muppet films I put it in the middle of the pack. If you love Kermit, this one is especially good.

Matt T (es) wrote: Proving she can switch the lights on (or at least be guided to them), Kate Beckinsale gives a career-best performance in Rod Lurie's star-studded, substantive rumination on First Amendment attacks and governmental accountability.

Cassandra M (jp) wrote: Gangland enforcer James Fox gets involved with decadent fading rock star Mick Jagger in Nicholas Roeg's and Donald Cammell's cult filmFew films encapsulate drug-crazed Swinging 60s London like this one, though it was only seen three years after it was made and then heavily-edited because Warners were shocked at what they had financed. The film exceeded the boundaries of good taste that always epitomized British cinema.This superbly shot, deeply disturbing, complex, often pretentious, often brilliant parable of confused identity was the first feature directed by leading cinematographer Roeg, sharing the credit with artist Cammell.An eerily plausible Fox, cast against type, plays Chas, a sadistic gangster on the run who rents a room in the Notting Hill Gate home of Turner (Jagger), a reclusive, sexually ambiguous, washed-up rock star. Fox, his antithesis, is offered women and magic mushrooms before literally swapping personalities with the singer.Fox abandoned the cinema for almost a decade after this film, such was its effect on him.Verdict A dazzling, ideas-rich, extraordinarily inventive full-stop to the 60s

Atilamika Z (it) wrote: Dark,unusual & captivating !

James R (it) wrote: pretty corny. some moments of brilliance. some hysterically bad dialogue.