When three older men buy a 17-year-old schoolgirl named Chikako (Ando Nozomi) for a year's-worth of sexual services -- her motivation, aside from money, is never explained -- the relationships among the men (whom she calls A. B and C) keep shifting in ways that redefine power and sex. These are not easy to read, except as male fantasy. (Real nudity is avoided.) What is clear is that the men are increasingly infantalized as Chikako grows up. They call her Hanako, in tribute to one's absent daughter. The pic's visual effects are somewhat Godardian, with found music, disjointed cutting and a strange finish involving a stuffed teddy bear, along with some Bunuel-like sexual motifs that add to the confusion and also dilute the prurience. In the end, though, the characters don't move forward enough to be more than ciphers.

Three middle-aged men established a sex-contract for one year with Chikako, a 17 years schoolgirl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'amant torrent reviews

Adam B (ag) wrote: Riveting doc that teaches a lot of oral history without feeling like you are learning!

Andy B (de) wrote: This was funnier than I expected it to be. I got quite a few laughs from it. 7.5/10

Ivy M (ag) wrote: Really good movie lots of info great for a social studies class


Mary B (kr) wrote: A story about the rich, fortunate and totally bored. The film started off quite alright until it kept moving from place to place until it peaked into the disturbing end. Although, I did enjoy the scene where 'Tony' (Eddie Redmayne) sits on the kitchen floor and enjoys his noodles after killing his mother 'Barbara' (Julianne Moore).

Simone G (ru) wrote: This is an awesome movie!!!! don't expect action and special effects its done with a moving camera and grapples with some interesting philosophical and social questions in a realistic and convincing manner. Its artistic simplicity, realism, and lack of pretense turn it into a breath of relief in the dull and shallow reality of American cinema. It's a shame that the American audience, so used to trash, brain-numbing movies, rated it two stars and a half in almost all popular rating sites. Its one of those movies that Europeans would praise but Americans just don't get!

Krisspics M (gb) wrote: Sometimes, some unknown films are hiden jewels.This one is barly one of them.All the beginning was great and smart, sadly the end is a little bit to sad romantic bullshit (in the kind of spark).But, even with this little mistake it really deserve a good 7.5/10.

Cheryl D (au) wrote: LOVE - LOVE - LOVE this movie!!! If you haven't seen this one, run to the rental store. One of my favorite movies of all time!!!

Liam A (au) wrote: love this movie, it blends horror with metal and it works great! Sammi Curr is a rockstar that teen Eddie Weinbauer idolizes, but when Sammi dies in a hotel fire he talks to Eddie through an unreleased album when it is played backwards and tells him to kill the bullies that treat him like crap at school. Eddie, who only wants to humiliate the bullies turns against his idol and causes trouble on Halloween night. great movie for 80's metal and horror fans alike

Allison F (ca) wrote: Very funny, but sometimes a little hard to keep track. Heil Me still makes me laugh.

Stuntcock M (de) wrote: Gary Sherman on Vice Squad:GS: Sure, especially having the head of the studio putting his arm around my shoulder and saying, ??Just keep doing what you??re doing.?? VICE SQUAD was a very important picture to me. It was the first of its kind. No one had ever done a police drama like that before.PG: Not to that degree, no.GS: And the people that I heard from??you know, John Milius called me and said, ??This is the best movie I??ve ever seen. I just watched the movie last night with Steve Spielberg and he loved it!?? And Marty Scorsese, and Walter Hill and I became great friends after that movie, and Jim Bridges??he was really funny. You notice that I have a big gap in my life after VICE SQUAD. The movie made a lot of money. And I was in a very unhappy point in my life??my personal life was nowhere. And what happened with VICE SQUAD was that it was so controversial, a lot of people didn??t want to have anything to do with me. There was this attitude in Hollywood that I was a very angry person, and that I hated women. Neither of which were at all true. My feeling about VICE SQUAD was that I wanted the violence to be so ugly that it would put people off of violence. I wanted the violence against women to be so repulsive??I didn??t want it to be titillating or exciting. I wanted it to be gruesome and ugly. And I think I achieved that, but I think in a way it was misunderstood by a lot of people. There was actually a public argument [over the film] between Dawn Steel (former president of Paramount and Columbia Pictures) and Martin Scorsese at a Paramount dinner. They were talking about the Oscars that year and who should be nominated, and Marty said, ??Well, the best film this year is a film that the Academy doesn??t have the guts to nominate for anything.?? And Dawn Steel says, ??What??s that??? And Marty says, ??VICE SQUAD.?? And Dawn starts screaming, ??Are you kidding? That??s the most misogynistic???? and they start screaming at each other. And (producer) John Fiedler has to jump in there and calm them down, because everyone??s looking at them. Fiedler called me the next day and said, ??Boy, you wouldn??t believe what happened last night!??

Tomas H (au) wrote: From the French Hitchcock, Claude Chabrol, this is a mastery of psychology and revenge. What justifies murder more than the senseless killing of your own son? A killer deconstruction of subjective masculinity.

Bloodmarsh K (kr) wrote: Fonda is loud, obnoxious and annoying as hell - and no one can play a stuffy bore as well as Robert Redford... somehow, it all works. Subtle humor is a lost art.

Jason M (jp) wrote: A better Hulk story than before.