L'amour braque

L'amour braque

After the successful bank robbery Micky hopes to take back his girlfriend Mary who has been taken from him by the brothers Venin. On the way to Paris he meets one Leon, a neurotic and ...

After the successful bank robbery Micky hopes to take back his girlfriend Mary who has been taken from him by the brothers Venin. On the way to Paris he meets one Leon, a neurotic and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashley M (gb) wrote: I thought it was an okay okay movie

Laci D (it) wrote: 92 minutes from my life.... not worth even 1 minute, just came here to give 1 star to this "masterpiece"

Scott M (ca) wrote: was awrite nothing aint seen before in other gorefest movies. film was boring as fuck for 40 mins then after that was amazing so film of two halves. the nazi general/luitenant dude when he chases boy with mallet how the fuck did he catch him so quick. this cunt could beat usain bolt.

Eric H (fr) wrote: satisfy all your the movie cravings.

Sue L (au) wrote: The cast in this movie was outstanding, a powerful look inside human suffering, and the ongoing damage that results.

ola k (ru) wrote: one more lesson about how ineffective is violence usage if you want to assure safety to a society. but to be honest there is no effective way to do that, so maybe for a change movie about acceptance of our "dark side"? but apart of its being cliche it's a good "sociological thriller". i enjoyed it and it even made me sad about the fact that we are such a repulsive species. oh and there is both, critisism of capitalist and socialist approach, so i think anarchy is the solution :)

Fraser B (au) wrote: Okay, right off, any of the (many) Seagal fans reading this, who are familiar with his early work, you guys had better adjust those expectations right through the floor. That way you'll come into this having accepted that a DTV action movie surely won't be delivering very much action, and certainly not to a high standard. Do this for me and you should have a fucking great time with Belly of the Beast, which I know you are eager to watch. Well don't let me stop you. That's all you needed to know. Go forth and enjoy yourself... or don't. Whatever. It's your loss, philistine. ... Okay, now that those guys are gone, I do have a little bit more to say for those of you unphased by the prospect of having your expectations raised too high for this cheap and cheerful little gem to realistically deliver on them... ...Right, so, you're ready for this, right? Okay, here it comes... Belly of the Beast is a fucking AWESOME action film! There is a real display of showiness and style at work in the fight scenes. I guess working on a budget can do wonders for an action directors creativity, because some quick research tells me that the dude directing this has worked on everything from Hero & House of Flying Daggers to, uh, Dungeon Siege. Well, regardless, in Belly of the Beast this guy does himself proud, managing to get the best out of (a pretty fucking massive looking, I must say) Steven Seagal whenever he's on-screen (as well as doing a pretty great job at motivating the big guy's very-obviously-not-Steven-Seagal stunt doubles, who jump, twist, kick, and climb the shit out of everything in their path. Good job, guys). No aikido in this one, by the way, our boy waves his arms around like Brucie motherfucking Chan or someone, kung fu-ing the shit out of an awful lot of unfortunate henchmen, who must regret having not studied harder at villain school. There's also some silly-great gunfights, at least one gratuitous forward roll (even more brilliant than you can imagine - watch for it during Seagal's cat-like break-in to some naked ladies house near the start), a bizarre sort of psychic showdown between buddhism and voodoo (yes, really), not to mention a slow-mo duel between some bullets and some arrows, and a pretty great sword fight too. Say it again? Belly of the Beast is fucking AWESOME! ...Okay, now I've ruined it all for you, because I have to be honest here... there isn't THAT much action. Although it never feels dragged out to the point that you're annoyed, it is, never the less, still obvious which scenes were thrown in to pad out the runtime and fill up the spaces between the scenes that Seagal actually appears in. There's a whole subplot involving some CIA dude assigned to watch out for our boy that really never seems to go anywhere, for instance. Minor quibbles, to be honest, because I did still enjoy the splooge out of this film and I think you can too, distinguished reader. I just think it's better for everyone involved if you know what you're getting into. So, to sum up, yes, Belly of the Beast is fucking AWESOME, but it's also really not that great. So be sure to temper your expectations just right and there's a good chance you and Jake Hooper will get on like a voodoo doll on fiire (I don't know ifvoodoo dolls are really supposed to light on fire, but, as I recall, the one in Belly of the Beast couldn't get enough of that shit, so I'm still happy with myself for making the comparisson back there. But anyway...) All clear? Solid.

Calum B (ag) wrote: Return To Neverland isn't terrible, but it does fail on many levels, so can't be classed as a good sequel. The animation and the story were the redeeming qualities, but unfortunately the songs and the characters fall flat.The animation is mostly bright and colourful, but falls flat in the dark backgrounds. The story wasn't bad either, trying to keep Hook from getting the treasure and everything. I also liked the war scene, because that was quite interesting on an animation perspective, and brought some intrigue on a contextual level. I was unimpressed by the trailer, but the film itself wasn't bad, but loses the charm about 15 minutes in. I will say it has a great message about cherishing your childhood.The first problem was that the kidnapping scene took far too long, despite the breathtaking animation of Hook's ship, and I hated the change to Hook. In the original and the criminally underrated TV series Peter Pan and the Pirates, which are both classics, he is complex and vindictive, but here he was manipulative in a negative way, and lacked menace. The best character was Jane, but that isn't saying much, and Peter's new voice was horrible, too bolshy. The songs were terrible and forgettable immediately after you've finished watching the movie, likewise with the dialogue. The main problem was that it isn't a true sequel at all, compared to the first film and the book. And the octopus, why replace the crocodile may I ask?I'm sorry that this is mostly negative, but Return To Neverland was very disappointing. Though better than the trailer suggested, it is still a pretty charmless film, with a 3/10(Adequate)

David S (fr) wrote: Bizarre. Eccentric. Peculiar. Yet...fascinating. Another very unique take on directing actors and striving for real life performances.

Rajayogan P (nl) wrote: yes visually stunning my most favorite animation movie ever

Eliabeth I (nl) wrote: I want to see this movie

TheMumblelover (mx) wrote: Micky Rourke is fantastic as Chinaski the character based on Bukowski himself. This film is funny, sad and philosophical but more important its a joy to watch.

Jonathan E (au) wrote: This is a movie the actors were either rushed/poor. If you have an appreciation for martial arts; concepts conveyed are thought provoking, not for the different styles, people in general. I thought?

Curtis H (es) wrote: Not a fantastic watch, but a product encompassing a few gleaming elements, none-the-less. Premised as a formal concert of musical animated shorts (a 1940's pop-culture "Fantasia" as it were), it suffers from a lack of drive and decidedly off- kilter pacing. Much of "Make Mine Music" is dated and gives it a decidedly nostalgic feeling. Must watch segments: "Casey at the Bat," "Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet," "The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at The Met." The comically energetic opening "Martins and the Coys" has been removed by Disney in modern DVD releases due to its comic gun violence, leaving in its place the snooze inducing "Blue Bayou" to open the show.

Rick L (br) wrote: Nice enjoyable slice-of-life movie.

David O (de) wrote: A strong opener to a hopefully big franchise, the most impressive feat is its ability to fit so much story into an hour and 40 mins. What makes this really special however is its dedication to the character of Caesar, becoming an origin and rise of his character with other characters such as James Franco's missing out and playing little part towards the movement of the plot in the third act.

IVRt (gb) wrote: Harmless sex... yea.. tell that to a woman you have dated for a few years during a break up LMAO! I'm pretty sure she will somehow pull out a left hook to the face! He's Gonna be Knocked the FUK OUT!!! lol