L'amour dure trois ans

L'amour dure trois ans

A look at the dissolution of a marriage.

A look at the dissolution of a marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pascal S (nl) wrote: Hooo...la belle comdie Franaise bien perrave, crdible 0% et surtout pas drle du tout...

Ethan P (jp) wrote: Holy moly, I've been Zach and Cody'd!!! Haha (laughing), anyway this is a great flick. I recommend it for fans of all walks of life, as Zach and Cody are very inclusive. This flick has some great writing and directing, which is expected for anything with Zach and Cody on board. They've really grown in terms of talent over the years (I wouldn't be surprised if they were nominated for best filmmakers at the Oscars or Kid's Choice Awards)! This flick is also much funnier than any other flick out there, and we can thank Zach and Cody for that too. They've out done themselves! Great flick! It's also surprising how young Zach and Cody are, as most writers/directors/producers are 50 years old at least, I think. Good for Zach and Cody! Age doesn't matter if you've made a great flick! Congrats!

Regina J (ca) wrote: The character of Eva Green is vapid, she is moody, sullen, and short sighted. She is not compelling and spend more time making dream eyes than actually looking for a cure. Too self-absorbed to have any real empathy for anyone.The movie stays with you, like acid reflux.

Brad M (ru) wrote: One of my favorite political movies.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: Jan Svankmajer's ode to the works of Edgar Allen Poe and the Marquis de Sade is a surreal and darkly funny gothic horror. Full of bizarre images and grotesque characters (Jan Triska's sadistic Marquis, in particular, steals the show) it's continually surprising and compelling. It is slow in spots, and the ending is a bit anti-climactic - but must be seen for the sheer demented creativity on display. Includes some of the most grotesquely inventive stop-motion sequences Svankmajer has ever done - and that's really saying something.

John W (it) wrote: Good, not super great supernatural horror. The story is clever and solidly built. Divoff is a decent, creepy, gravel voiced Djinn. But the real fun is the catalog of cult horror icons involved; Robert Englund, Tony Todd, and Ted Raimi are costarring with direction by Robert Kurtzman and produced by Wes Craven. Definitely not the best any of them have done, but neat to have them all together in a very watchable film.

Justin B (fr) wrote: Michael Madsen hunts a horny human/alien hybrid in what is basically a soft-core porn reimagining of alien crossed with an episode of CSI. It's a cult classic.

Tim G (de) wrote: This one wasn't that funny... I guess it's getting kind of old now.

Ken B (nl) wrote: If you knew Mexico then better than Peckinpah, you might be insulted. It is violent and debauched.

Bruno V (ag) wrote: A decent slow action movie , nothing spectacular , maybe Zeta a bit ....SOMDVD


Thomas B (au) wrote: **WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE THIS MOVIE? That's the question I've asked ever since I saw this movie. Sure, it's got some good parts, but its got a lot of bad ones too. After the previous 2 movies, Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock, The Voyage Home is a very disappointing follow up.

Stuart D (mx) wrote: The Forger (2012) is a small budget thriller that rarely thrills and never threatens to be anything remotely close to good. Apart from Lauren Bacall, I couldn't say one actor looked remotely interested in acting, with Alfred Molina & Hayden Panettiere putting in particularly sloppy performances.