L'amour fou

L'amour fou

L'Amour Fou follows the dissolution of the marriage between Claire, an actress (played by Bulle Ogier), and Sebastien, her director (Jean-Pierre Kalfon).

During the rehearsals for the production of the tragedy Andromaque, the leading actress and her director, a couple behind the scenes, can't find a way to leave their personal problems at ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'amour fou torrent reviews

Bryan K (nl) wrote: Boring, confusing and pointless until the end, not worth watching.

Gabby E (mx) wrote: Almost autobiographic

John R (au) wrote: Another Ritchie-wanna-be about London crime. Lacks any real zip to it though the acting is good.

Christopher C (br) wrote: I felt like I was tripping on acid the whole way through. And not in the good way.

Robert I (gb) wrote: Ernest becomes a genius, but this movie could use a few more IQ points. Not too funny, nor entertaining.

Grant F (fr) wrote: Brother Sun, Sister Moon is a movie that I decided to watch with a very straight forward approach. One really shouldn't think too deeply into this movies. The tale of St. Francis is an interesting one. The beginning didn't have the best pacing and the editing didn't truly stay consistent form the beginning. But I didn't mind all of this. I as grabbed by the beauty of the world captured in this movie, regardless of how monotonous it could be.Some definite influence from the hippie movement and flower child. Youth Pride, so it seems.

Matthew C (mx) wrote: A man hitting 50 may have just gone around the bend in this frothy little comedy from 1948. When he and his wife decide to take a trip to the Caribbean, their marriage seems to be on the rocks. As she is wooed by a dashing young military man, and believes he has fallen for a sexy and very forward swimming champ. But, while he has fallen in love, it isn't with the brash, perhaps wanton athlete, but with the sweetness and innocence of a certain mythological sea creature. Or, has he simply cracked up? William Powell is spot on as the good natured, if a bit distracted lead, and the rest of the cast handles the material quite well, especially the delightful scoundrel Clinton Sundberg. Well worth taking the time to check out.

Kathy L (ru) wrote: Surprisingly ok. cat lovees will like it. Definitely more entertaining than 99% of the crap on cable. A flashback to 80's fashion to boot.