L'arte della felicità

L'arte della felicità

A taxi driver who lives in Napoli spend his time on his uncle's car thinking about happiness. His former brother took a road for happiness practicing Buddhism while he is always sad and ...

Sergio driving a taxi in a white Naples overflowing sadness and garbage. Pouring rain leads her clients through the city trying to process the death of his brother, who started ten years earlier for Tibet and never returned. A pop singer, a recycler of fragments of life, a radio announcer, an old uncle, alternate seats on its bearing, each in its own way, a trace of his brother loved. Stubborn not to go over and get lost in an endless race, Sergio is overwhelmed by memories and the music produced in pairs with Alfredo, which in Buddhism and in its foundations had found the strength to cope with the disease. Those notes that he believed buried and laid to always return overbearing and demanding a soundboard that resonate and express his being sound. Putting his hand on the piano, Sergio Alfredo feel again, giving the past with the present and realizing itself in the feeling. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (fr) wrote: When I come across Upstream Color on the trailers, it looked different form Shane Carruth's previous film Primer which I'll give him credit for doing something new and not just doing the same old tricks. I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes, and I saw that they praise it for doing an "experimental film" done right which I didn't get why it was called that, but I was curious about it. So after I finished watching Primer, I watched this after that which turns out to be a better film. Just when I thought that Primer was very confusing, this was even more confusing from beginning to end which never happens to me before and just might be the most confusing film that I have seen from first viewing, but surprisingly enough, it never made me bored or not care about the film. Shane Carruth is really good in this, and Amy Seimetz was just fantastic and is one of the best parts of the film. She does happy, scared, mad, and crazy very well that I didn't find it out of place for her and just find it believable when it comes to those scenes. The cinematography is fantastic, and the imagery of it is stellar to look at. The soundtrack was very catchy and very soothing to listen to that pretty much makes you feel relaxed and just enjoying the ride. The characters are very developed, and the writing by Shane Carruth is well written. The chemistry between Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz is very good and they seem to be a believable and caring couple. The movie is confusing don't get me wrong on that one, but I was very fascinated on the movie as I felt that it was trying to be its own world in the abstract part and was giving deeper meanings into it which got me to search it on YouTube so I'll understand what just happen, which rarely happens for me and I'm glad that it was Upstream Color that got me the motive to do that as I didn't with The Tree of Life.

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shelly b (es) wrote: started pretty slow and nothing too interesting but found the second half hilarious...especially loved Reed's way of dealing with it all in the end.

Chuks N (br) wrote: Very interesting documentary. Nice study on "The Hero's Journey" as it applies to real life. Insightful, also, on the human nature, especially as it relates to "bad" or "different" people: people who society label as "outsiders" because they don't understand them and therefore fear them. The preacher was the most compelling. Interesting how at first he suspected he was "gay", then he became "ungay", and then became full-blown "gay". I think initially he was supressing his homosexuality even when he preached the gospel all over the world. He never really confronted it or experienced the transformative power of God that he preached about bt don't understand. He avoided the issue by doing "church", and eventually it overwhelmed him when d opporunity presented itself.

Jessica L (it) wrote: I haven't read this book but I've read other Nora Robrts books and I really like them. I'm gonnna read this one also!

Noname (nl) wrote: I haven't been a real fan of the 2 first movies. The first one are tho alot better than the 2nd and now this 3rd one which turned out as espected. Bad effects and lousy script / acting. Casper Van Dien is back from the first flick and well not quite a fav actor to me. I wanted to see this movie anyway to have seen them all and hopefully they don't make more flicks..

Mike S (gb) wrote: Jamie Foxx captured the essence that is Ray Charles. The voice, the mannerisms, and the look, it was as if Ray Charles was doing the acting himself. An obvious favorite for many and myself. Foxx won the Academy Award for this performance for a reason. This is a must see.

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Jill H (kr) wrote: A lot creepier than and nowhere near as good as "Dangerous Liaisons"

Craig C (ca) wrote: Wilder and Radner wasted in one of the worst films of 1982.

Carreh R (ca) wrote: Amazing cinematography, great dialogue and one of the most famous final shots in all of cinema.

Bruno V (ru) wrote: Me happy this was not a complete war-movie but a " what happens after the war-movie "...interesting stuff to see ! SOMDVD

Craig T (kr) wrote: It's a movie written and directed by Preston Sturges starring Barbara Stanwick as a thief who falls in love with a good guy, and it's not the Lady Eve.

Steven W (gb) wrote: I hunted this down due primarily to it being a Tom Hardy movie I hadn't seen before. Fanboy shit, I know, but his movies are usually cool, alright? So Shutty. Anyway, he was barely in this one, as it turns out, and even if he had been, it still wouldn't have been anything too spectacular. Not bad, just meh-ish.

Bill T (us) wrote: Fun movie that I've never seen before. Chan and Tucker do click together, and the plot is easy escapism entertainment. Love seeing Jackie Chan fighting Tom Wilkinson too. There's a dream fight right there.