Newly married couple Juliette and a ship captain Jean struggle through marriage as they travel on the L'atalante along with the captain's first mate Le père Jules and a cabin boy.

When Juliette marries Jean, she comes to live with him as he captains a river barge. Besides the two of them, are a cabin boy and the strange old second mate Pere Jules. Soon bored by life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'Atalante torrent reviews

Puneet S (jp) wrote: Excellent movie, as you viewer you must be prepared for a fairly slow pace of the plot (this isnt a 'mainstream block-buster' formulaic film), however the cinematography is excellent, the movie is moving and thought-provoking and the interconnectedness that you sense at the end is quite enlightening.

Shane R (au) wrote: As expected, this was dumb and not very funny at all.

Nelson M (mx) wrote: Boring lawyers talking.

Victoria B (ag) wrote: If you've ever seen MY Big Fat Greek Wedding, this is the next movie to see. It's hilariously funny while still illustrating the point of how hard it can be to be gay in a European family.

Sunshine s (us) wrote: Special agent Harly Cordell (Stacie Randall) and Frank Lydell (Dan Gauthier) were once lovers fighting on the same side in the Gulf War, but now back at home they are all but at peace with each other. He's the mastermind of a vicious assassination sq...

Jordan S (de) wrote: I like the animation, not the story.

Mark S (nl) wrote: John Wayne's Best Ever Movie!

Rooster (ag) wrote: Great movie, funny, and entertaining, a great cast, I highly recommend seeing it.

Lewis E (ag) wrote: Seen a rags to riches drug dealer movie, e.g 'Scarface', 'The Business' or 'Blow'? Then you have seen 'Kid Cannabis', but with a better story, better actors and cocaine instead of weed. The film rehashes a lot of your clichs including montages of our weed smugglers partying with naked honeys, a wild and eccentric dealer and of course the constant voice over narrative spitting numerous metaphors and similes about how good or dangerous the life is (Also known as a Danny Dyer special). The smuggling operation they run is half clever but won't wow anyone. 'Kid Cannabis' may be suited for amusing kids, and those looking to improve their knowledge of weed, but it won't satisfy mature audiences who are use to watching the finest crime dramas. I think the rotten tomatoes critics were high when they awarded 83%.

Stu G (ag) wrote: A film that is ahead of its time

Phil T (mx) wrote: Captivating and disgusting in equal measures, this slow burner of a movie about one of Australia's most brutal serial killers is fascinating, if you have the patience and maybe stomach for it.

Rebecca J (fr) wrote: I thought it was funny enough. The major criticism I had heard before watching it myself was that it perpetuated a sexist stereotype but in all honesty, that could be said for almost every single chick flick/romcom ever. The concept of being ashamed of the number of lovers a woman has, is not great. But as the idea came from a fashion magazine and as she did eventually abandon the quest to be with her 21, the take away was that it ultimately didn't matter. Granted, the last scene of the movie undid that with the phone message from one ex saying that they actually didn't sleep together, but that was really just a quick last joke to close the movie. It's not like it validated her worth as a woman and her reaction was somewhat tongue in cheek. Ultimately, as a feminist, I wasn't as horrified by this one as I expected I would be. It's by no measure the worst of its genre.

Andrew S (kr) wrote: Great film, with good performances from Patinkin & Caan.