Antinea. the Queen of Atlantis, rules her secret kingdom hidden beneath the Sahara Desert. One day two lost explorers stumble into her kingdom, and soon realize that they haven't really been saved--Antinea has a habit of taking men as lovers, then when she's done with them, she kills them and keeps them mummified.

Antinea. the Queen of Atlantis, rules her secret kingdom hidden beneath the Sahara Desert. One day two lost explorers stumble into her kingdom, and soon realize that they haven't really ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'Atlantide torrent reviews

Martha M (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed the buildup of tension in the first half of the movie but then they lost me during the last half. Interesting concept just fell apart by the end.

Sara L (us) wrote: It's a movie bout how a princess and town girl can get along... Great!!

Joel A (fr) wrote: The feature breakthrough from a very promising young filmmaker Jeff Nichols about the impact of family revenge in a small no name town in America's South.Michael Shannon who continues to collaborate with Nichols is sensational as the lead brother of a broken family at war with his step brothers.Continuing feuding leads to too much blood then he decides to do the unheard of 'turn the cheek'. A slow but intriguing film that launched to world the importance of Jeff Nichols as Independent American Filmmaker.

Richard C (fr) wrote: I liked this one much better than the first one. The story was much easier to follow for one thing. Although the "twist" at the end can easily be picked up on fairly early on in the movie. This movie is not for the squeamish, especially towards the end where there is a bunch of torture scenes that definitely fall into the "gratuitous" category.

Ross L (es) wrote: Too close to home on this one. Best part was the dog biting his hand. 2008 Movies: 33

David G (us) wrote: Next time, if it's a student film, market it as such. I love bad movies, maybe a little too much, but one thing I don't love is being lied to. This may have went over well with the guy's friends, but it was not a movie meant for distributor pickup

Christopher M (nl) wrote: What a great heartfelt movie!!!! Awesome performance by Denzel Washington!

Waleed A (ca) wrote: Pretty funny with an interesting premise and an awesome love story. Josh Hartnett played his part well, and the girl is the perfect "fall in love with" girl (3 views)

Samantha F (ag) wrote: good movie and close to my favorite. watch it, its amazing

Jonas L (es) wrote: Steampunk spiders? Realy? Seriously this movie went down the stinker after the first third. It was funny in the beginning and Kevin Kline makes this movie but sadly he choose a bad script and movie to be in.

Jack d (jp) wrote: LOOK'S LIKE A GOOD MOVIE 2 WATCH.

Garrett C (ag) wrote: This film noir by Otto Preminger is a wonderfully dark look into a man who is walking between cop and criminal. The fact that it was shot on location in New York greatly compliments its gritty realism. This is a classic noir, and a must see for fans of the style/genre.

Victor M (nl) wrote: A tender story about an old couple who lost their house and none of their five sons want to help and they must live separated.The part of the story when they go to the hotel where they stayed for their honeymoon and they remembered their 50 years together will touch your heart. They receive the kindness of the hotel administrator and the music band director. Orson Welles reportedly said of Make Way for Tomorrow, "It would make a stone cry" and rhapsodized about his enthusiasm for the film in his booklength series of interviews with Peter Bogdanovich,

Courtney D (us) wrote: Positive: It held my interest. Negative: The plot twist wasn't anything clever but rather silly.

Paul K (us) wrote: Well, Colin Firth, Minnie Driver, Mary Steenburgen - how bad can it be, I thought? The cast did well with a terrible script. Minnie in particular gets some good lines as panto villainess, and delivers them well. Plausible it isn't. How ever did this get made? And why did these actors agree to make it?