L'auberge rouge

L'auberge rouge

In the 19th century Pyrénées, a stagecoach stops for the night at an isolated inn run by a couple of murderous thieves. The husband wants to kill and rob them all, but one of them is a priest whom the wife refuses to see harmed.

A group of travelers, including a monk, stay in a lonely inn in the mountains. The host confesses the monk his habit of serving poisoned soup to the guests, to rob their possessions and to bury them in the backyard. The story unfolds as the monk tries to save the guest's lives without violating the holy secrecy of the confession. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark T (ca) wrote: A shame to see Ray Liotta slumming in straight to dvd stuff like this. A half decent idea not aided by a poor script, crap editing and obvious lack of budgetry funds.

Randy P (ru) wrote: This is a terrible film, but considering the fact that this film was shot in 11 days means that everyone was rushed and tried to put in all the effort the could. So the studio and producers are responsible for this not the actors and writers, though they don't make it easier with what they had to deliver they still tried. To look on the bright side the gore was alright so a thumbs up to the art department.But even that won't save this film from what it truly is a catastrophe.

Paul E (jp) wrote: Thematically comparable to the very good Austrian film Funny Games, but this suffers with having nothing to say and having no point whatsoever

Kingsley U (de) wrote: "You don't want the money?"

Carl L (gb) wrote: WHAT.......THE.......HELL.....

Pavan R (br) wrote: One of the best war based movies...though based more on the happenings after...very touching and the powerful story is beautifully presented to us by the directed...good performances by all the actors too

jo t (it) wrote: old-fashioned suspense thriller

Cody C (kr) wrote: Ridiculous and stupid and amazing. Tons of fun. Great dancing. Terrible music. Check it out if you love the era.

Jamie T (es) wrote: An intriguing product of its time, hampered by a one-note script but redeemed by Godfrey Cambridge's wonderful performance. The central idea (a white bigot wakes up transformed into a black man) is an interesting one, but Herman Raucher's script, although often funny, lacks much narrative strength, and there's no real resolution: the film just sort of stops. Melvin Van Peebles' direction doesn't help much either; at times simply functional, at other times artsy in the worst late-60s style (although he may have been parodying this style to a degree), with some sequences whose purpose is unclear, and others which simply go on too long--at 97 minutes, the film could have stood some trimming. Again, it's Godfrey Cambridge who makes the film memorable. Despite pitifully unconvincing makeup for the first part of the film (Cambridge looks more jaundiced than Caucasian), he presents a man who, although essentially a comic creation, has comic DEPTH. He avoids one-dimensionality, for while Jeff starts out as a parody both of the 50s go-getter and of the casual bigot, Cambridge is always believable, and rather than having Jeff turn around and become purified by his racial change, he maintains Jeff's cynical streak, best shown when, after sleeping with his secretary, he accuses her of being attracted only to his blackness: she insults him and he says, "By Jove, she's got it! I really think she's got it!", a moment which is both hilarious and satirically biting, thanks to Cambridge's deftness. His lines are generally among the best in the film, and as Cambridge was a noted standup comedian, it's quite possible he wrote much of his own dialogue; whoever was responsible, Cambridge sinks his teeth into the role and has a blast, and single-handedly turns this somewhat heavy-handed work into something of a classic.

Christopher B (it) wrote: Early character piece, with as much depth as any presentation on stage or screen.

Veer G (au) wrote: This is the dumbest party movie I have ever seen!! It makes "Spring breakers" and "The Hangover part 2" look like incredible masterpieces compared to this garbage. These guys have no idea what comedy really is. They need to get banned from HollyWood forever.

Francesco B (us) wrote: It's just my point of view but I found the film boring and absurd. I give it a full star for some of the dialogues but otherwise I particularly disliked it.