Louis is "repo man" who is no stranger to strong-arm tactics in his work, but he has dreamed of becoming an actor since he was a child. When cousin helps him get an audition, he gets the help of a fam... read more ous actor to him secretly rehearse his scenes. He doesn't even tell his girlfriend Suzie But, Suzie also has a secret. She's pregnant and doesn't want her child to grow up in an atmosphere of violence.

Forty-year old Louis is a loud-mouthed repo-man who has nurtured a lifelong dream of becoming a successful actor. Fortunately for Louis his cousin is a casting agent, and he soon learns ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'Audition torrent reviews

Davis R (au) wrote: This movie intrigued me mostly because of an underlying fact that I didnt see till the end. In reality, throughout the whole movie Theodore is alone and him having Samantha does not really change that. While she was a learning and evolving OS, she could never solve his lonliness. I think it was really just a bandaid on a larger problem that the OS's did eventually realize. The OS's were limiting human interaction and if this had progressed then everyone would have had a personal OS and would have ditched real human interaction. Even while I say that it is hard to define what real interaction is. For some, an OS personality might be the realest and most legitimate interaction or relationship they would ever have. The MC finds himself leaning on Samantha to crutch his deep pain and inevitable loneliness but she also helped him develop and learn how to express real feelings. His extremely intimate relationship with Samantha was preparing him for something real, and realizing this after the movie was eye opening. This was really beautiful.

Nathaniel B (ag) wrote: I liked the overall story. I didn't find myself laughing too much, even though this was a comedy. It was nice seeing a fellow Filipino, Charice, in it. Good enough in my opinion.

Scotty W (kr) wrote: Ron Jeremy is hit by a meteor and dies. Then his dick goes on a killing spree. Brilliant.

J L (gb) wrote: It looks great, its very interesting and the acting and music is pretty goood. It felt like something was missng doh or like it should've been better.

Steve G (it) wrote: A nice way to close it out. A beautiful speech by Rocky in the movie to his son. One of my favourites, ever.

Ulricke K (jp) wrote: Let's just say : it's personal......

Gastn V (es) wrote: Pelicula rara, pero con algunas escenas mas que interesantes...

Daniele C (jp) wrote: Keanu Reeves is the one. In any movie he stars in.

Ethan B (br) wrote: I think I have found my first lost gem of 1993. This film was simply amazing. Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic in this movie, which perfectly balances genuine laughs with emotional tears. It makes you cry without ever being depressing. It may be too sappy for some, but I think that most will be very entertained. It's so much fun that you don't want it to end.Heart and Souls provides us with a unique twist on a familiar story. It's anything but formulaic as there are two 2nd acts and a new climax is reached each time one of the ghosts "concludes" their life. All of this followed by one big ending that you don't really see coming. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't come without some predictability, but it never nears annoyance. Initially I thought that the 1st act was a little rushed and didn't give enough background to the characters, but as the movie progressed I saw how the filmmakers utilized the rest of the movie to develop the characters and give them depth. And perhaps they wanted to keep it light and felt that if they were too developed early on that the audience would become too upset when they all die in the bus accident 10 minutes into the movie. I also applaud the script for not overly explaining things for the audience. It kept it very free-flowing.There are some great comedy scenes here too. It's a silly movie and it even comedically acknowledges the fact that it waited so long to have Thomas (Downey Jr.) help the ghosts out with their unfinished business. And Thomas (as Harrison) belting out the National Anthem before an audience waiting for B.B. King to come on stage is a classic scene. Ron Underwood's direction is on point, and Shaiman's sweeping score fits perfectly with the tone of this movie.My only criticism is that it didn't address the fact that Thomas was still mad at the ghosts for leaving him when he was a child. His resentment was never clearly resolved with his invisible friends. But this is a minor complaint compared to how much joy this movie has brought to me.People will either love it or hate it. It may have been forgotten about since 1993 but I think if people started watching it now, they'd realize that this is a nice treasure waiting to be rediscovered. It holds up well and should be considered a classic by today's standards.Twizard Rating: 96

Andrew S (ru) wrote: A great exhibition of martial art technique and stunt work work for Jet Li and company, but as a film not so much.

Bailey C (us) wrote: The Wall, as many people know already, was the brainchild of Roger Waters when he felt an invisible wall between him and the audience. So, after that distanced feeling he went away and wrote what would later be one of rock's best records; the double album The Wall. This is the film that accompanies the record.This movie paints some pretty clear pictures throughout it, but the thing that makes this movie so special is that it leaves everything open for interpretation so that whatever one individual takes away from The Wall experience will be very different from what someone else takes away from the movie.The Wall essentially follows a character by the name of Pink as he goes through a number of traumatic events throughout his life that cause him to distance himself from the world (or build a metaphorical wall around himself). The story goes through the building of the wall, shows what it's like inside the wall but then proceeds to have Pink begin to suffer mental illness from extreme isolation.The movie is very well laid out and features most of the songs on the album, and it's really great to have a visual representation (albeit an open-source one) that allows the viewers to draw their own conclusions.

Matt T (jp) wrote: If you've watched all the Roger Moore Bond films and love them, and you need something to fill the Rog' spaced void...."ffolkes" or "North Sea Hijack" (as it's also known) is the film for you!

Andrew A (us) wrote: Works: Effective repetitive noises, such as clocks ticking and phones ringing. Catherine Deneuve's performance. Comparisons of Carol's psyche to the decaying rabbit in certain shots. Extreme close ups where we feel claustrophobic from being so close to Carol.Didn't really work: Some of the long shots where Carol is walking down the street seem to drag a little.

Anna L (es) wrote: Very, very compelling tale.

Filippo V (es) wrote: Bellissimo musical pieno di coreografie mozzafiato e ballerini che traspirano energia. In particolare la Jones recita con una potenza esplosiva che coinvolge all'istante. Lo stile con cui il film diretto unico ed innovativo, con inquadrature particolari e movimenti che seguono il ritmo della musica. Oltre a coinvolgere il film porta anche una buona dose di humor, grazie ad una sceneggiatura snella e divertente. A mio parere manca l'Oscar alla regia per Rob Marshall, che come primo film svolge un lavoro a dir poco eccellente.

Djordan F (mx) wrote: to bom quanto o 2, so as mortes que so ruins so muito fracas como atropelamento,e estrangulamento bem diferente dos outros filme que tem at empalamento por um cano

James L (ca) wrote: Apart from the odd bit of lovely looking Greek architecture this film won't live long in the memory.