A driver is traveling from Italy to Russia in a brand new Fiat Tempra, mesmerizing women along the way. He has to use car's full potential and features when he picks up a pregnant hitchhiker in the tough Russian winter.

Incredible adventures of an Italian test auto-racer in the exotic and so unpredictable Russia! Originally, this film was made as a commercial for the Fiat Automobile Company, but the abundance of the shot material proved enough for editing a full-length feature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'autostop torrent reviews

Amirah B (kr) wrote: Not for everyone but good story script.

Gordon B (au) wrote: It got lost in the award season shuffle, but Starred Up is one of the strongest prison films I've watched in a while. Here we see an unsparing father son story told through the daily brutalities of life in a British penitentiary

Greg W (kr) wrote: low budget indie about a bunch quirky guys in a small town.

Will D (fr) wrote: Absolutely brilliant action film. Some amazing scenes of intensity. See it, its great.

Terri H (ru) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Rob P (kr) wrote: Once again the true story of one church leaders fight to liberate his people, a fight that would colminate in his own eventual end, and recognition of the need for tolerance and social justice in our world today.

Keith P (de) wrote: As seen on UniMs, I knew there was a good reason y I discovered this Nicolas Cage movie on a Spanish-language network.

Emmanuel B (br) wrote: This movie is not aging, and it is extremely well crafted. It deserves its status as a cult movie that influenced a generation.

Gavin C (nl) wrote: Infectious and can't wait to see again.

Bryan G (au) wrote: This is an excellent, highly detailed story of a cop who is executed and his partner who has strong guilt. The actors are all great in this film adaption which tries to stay as true as possible to the real life incident.

Ally M (it) wrote: brillant film if u havent seen it watch it

Scott R (au) wrote: a powerful, well acted, anti-war film. In Stewart, they have the right actor for the right part.

John B (us) wrote: strange animated cartoon with a story-line that was tricky to follow, but, came together in the end. Could have been better done, but, still ok overall