1937, during the spanish civil war, at Teruel. The fight of the Republicans (with very poor means but high commitment) against fascist army of General Franco. Can be seen as romanticized ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'espoir torrent reviews

Carrie T (nl) wrote: As generic as it seems, Premium rush has just enough action and humor to make this a fun ride.

Darshan N (au) wrote: Action packed comedy!!!

Robert H (au) wrote: You know what's scarier that seeing the monster? Not seeing the monster! While films like Ringu and The Grudge deliver some good startles when the ghost shows up, it's the tension and suspense that truly scares like in the movies of old where you never knew what was around the corner of a dark hallway.Sorum delivers fear on a scale that you can't even register. Even if there was never any mention of ghosts, I think this film would still manage to haunt your soul. Without any kind of soundtrack or score and with the use of a great setting, fantastic characters and silence, Sorum makes you feel dread even when there's no reason to.You see, this might be a ghost story... or it might not. There might be something haunting the appartment building, or perhaps the only ghosts here are those found in the pasts of all the characters involved. It's been awhile since I've seen a film of this nature and while it does tend to play more like a drama than a horror film... it always managed to deliver on that icky feeling that makes for a good horror movie great.This film isn't for everybody, but if you open you mind, let yourself into this world and watch the "horror" unfold I think you may just enjoy the evil that is Sorum.

Jenn T (it) wrote: Nope... lame horror flick.

MEC r (mx) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Phillip S (it) wrote: Never was there a more ingenuous ode to Argento/Fulci.

Jonathan P (ca) wrote: I am fairly new to the John Wayne game and I had a number of preset opinions (all of which are being proven wrong) so I had little clue as to what to expect with El Dorado. John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and James Cann are fantastic as three friends fighting off a rich who is trying to take land from the MacDonald family. The acting is fantastic all around (the loan exception being Michele Carey as Joey MacDonald) and the story is well written. Fantastic old western that lives up to modern standards.

Thomas B (au) wrote: Great western movie!!!!

Bill T (jp) wrote: Sort of interesting movie, killer finish, but man, what a slow buildup. A rector gets an assignment to pray over a recently deceased woman. Problem is, she's a witch, and to make things even more complicated, he may have been involved in her death. So the witch is not that happy, to say the least. As each night goes on, the young priest is tested more and more with weird stuff until the final battle, and that's when things get REALLY weird, but until then, it's a pretty banal sit through, russian cosacks in the countryside banal Hope you're ready for that.

Greg W (us) wrote: The attempt at comedy was pathetic.

Paul D (gb) wrote: A simple situation mostly using a park bench, but it a wonderful piece of early cinema. Chaplin has great timing, essential in an era without sound.

Ryan H (mx) wrote: Watch it it was actually good had a good story and let's you see how important sister. Ship is

Don S (au) wrote: This is a pretty good movie! Even Nicolas Cage, who I think is a terrible actor, is okay. A serial killer is loose in Alaska and Cage has to catch him. Some plot holes, and strange police procedures, but it held my attention and was interesting. I really liked the photo tribute at the end. That was well done!