Three months before her final examinations, the ambitious teachership student Valentine concentrates herself completely on learning. When Jazz musician Edouard wooes her, she agrees on a ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:student,   train,   love,  

Three months before her final examinations, the ambitious teachership student Valentine concentrates herself completely on learning. When Jazz musician Edouard wooes her, she agrees on a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'étudiante torrent reviews

Tanvir M (ru) wrote: A throwback to the 80's Hindi films, when logic took a backseat and entertainment on a grand scale was the order of the day. A surprisingly ripped Ajay Devgan plays the superhuman hero while Prakash Raj plays a very fun, 'ego' driven villain. While I was waving my head at the outrageously exaggerated actions, it managed to hold my attention through out, and that's good enough for a movie that doesn't claim to have metaphor driven messages, rather takes its cue from the South Indian films for its storyline bereft of coherence or credibility.

Thomas S (mx) wrote: {{One Star: Not a Good One}}Fucking weird. I finished watching the movie, and then I ended up saying to myself: "This has been the weirdest fucking day of my whole entire life."

Bryan K (de) wrote: The film's grainy aesthetic and erratic soundtrack gives it a grittiness that helps it hit hard. It further manages this without being graphic in depicting the horrors of Stella's actions. The script does lack direction at times, but in doing so it captures more of a youthful thought process. Kelly Macdonald's performance is the best of the bunch, while the rest are effective but nothing to write home about. The film's ending is a bit of a letdown, and the constant cuts between Stella's life and her dreams can be obstructive at times.

Rod G (mx) wrote: "Ran" es un colosal trabajo de Kurosawa con excelentes actuaciones y momentos dramticos muy tensos e indignantes.

Selvi N (ag) wrote: Story line is so-so but the songs are brilliant!

Nathan S (fr) wrote: not surprised everyone in this was free to make it.

Bill C (mx) wrote: Racist in it's own right.

Casey M (it) wrote: Pretty weird, but marvelous performances especially Fletcher's, in fact she did so well playing a psycho Grandma that she actually gave me the nerve to want to beat the guts out of her. But for a classic thriller it lacks a lot of tension especially when you find out about the truth its too late for it. More recommended for watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Stuart B (mx) wrote: As a big fan of Jules Dassin's other heist movie, Rififi, I was interested to see how this spoof of the genre would play out. Unfortunately, I discovered that while Dassin is indeed the master of suspense when it comes to heist films, with a knack for squeezing every drip of sweat from your brow as you grimace through his tension fueled jewel theft executions, and indeed he has a keen knack for comedy also, it was a pity the two genres just didn't mix that well together. Not to say they can't as movies such as The Pink Panther have proved, but some of the elements just jarred against each other too much. It didn't help that the psychedelia infused haze of kaleidoscopic images which litter the opening sequences seemed novelty and a little silly, but when it does settle down into it's plot the film forms small segments of fantastic ideas. One moment it's a brilliant farce, the next a nerve wrecking suspense, but when putting them all together, while for the most part entertaining, it just didn't seem to work for me. However, Peter Ustinov is always entertaining to watch as the bumbling conman who stumbles upon a team of thieves and ends up working for them, and with such a comedic talent it is hard not to enjoy his fumbling efforts. Just a shame that despite his efforts the movie wasn't cohesive enough.