Three French hipsters and their translator travel through rural Georgia to claim a remote, ruined castle that one of them has inherited. En route, they encounter an old man and his grandchild who are on a journey to carry out a mysterious, morbid ritual designed to end a conflict between warring clans.

Three French hipsters and their translator travel through rural Georgia to claim a remote, ruined castle that one of them has inherited. En route, they encounter an old man and his grandchild who are on a journey to carry out a mysterious, morbid ritual designed to end a conflict between warring clans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miguel A (ag) wrote: A pior sensao que me poderia ocorrer, durante um filme do Terrence Malick, a de que tinha sido empurrado para uma daquelas divagaes arty do Michael Winterbottom ou para as no menos chatas digresses filosficas do pior Richard Linklater. E, no entanto, precisamente isso que sinto quando "To the Wonder" respectivamente recorre a mais uma cena de amor s porque sim e quando, de modo totalmente inexplicvel, chama uma italiana para nos lembrar de que temos de fazer coisas loucas na vida. De resto, presumo que"To the Wonder" seja o mais perto que alguma vez fiquei de levar um tratamento de ketamina receitado pelo Dr. Terrence Malick: "para ser tomado com elipse aps elipse, imagens do cu vrias vezes durante dois horas e abundncia lrica para nada faltar". "To the Wonder" um bocado a multiplicao infinita do factor Malick, mas sem saber muito onde deve terminar a equao e comear o filme. A culpa no sequer de um argumento partida interessante, no seu paralelo entre as dificuldades de comunicao num casal e num dilogo de um Padre com Deus. Muito se procura em "To the Wonder" e muito pouco se acha tambm.

Ryan M (ru) wrote: *** out of **** Colm McCarthy's "Outcast" is a great film moonlighting as a pretty good one. It's bloody, creepy, ambitious, and surprisingly engaging; throughout, you get the feeling that it could have been a much better film than it ended up being, but nevertheless you also stop to admire the skill and craft exercised in its making. To say that I didn't like this movie would be the same as saying that I don't like directors toying with intriguing ideas within the unchained boundaries of my beloved horror genre. What do the posters and adverts for the film advertise? A slasher film, a "gorno" flick, perhaps even a werewolf movie; but certainly not what "Outcast" truly is. But this makes its success as an entertaining piece of genre filmmaking even more surprising. It leaps from the darkness and attacks full force, but then again most horror movies do that. The uncanny thing about this one is that it delivers a lot more than just the expected blood, guts, and tense scenes; it also has a moral center, a message, and social commentary to boot. A woman and her son move into an Edinburgh flat. The mother (Kate Dickie) is hiding something. She is anxious, clearly disturbed, and is waking up in the middle of the night to smear strange symbols on the walls of her home. The son (Niall Bruton) seems unaware of what his mother's intentions are, and lives under her control by night and walks his dog by day. One day, while on a walk, he meets a beautiful young woman who lives nearby (Hanna Stanbridge); although if mother has any say in the matter, they won't be meeting with one another for much longer. She forbids her boy from engaging in relationships - friendly or romantic - with women his age; warning him that the fairer sex is dangerous and not to be trusted. She is either obsessive or completely mad; nevertheless, the boy does not heed this warning. Meanwhile, while they live out their depressing lives, a bearded man (Liam Cunningham) hunts the mother and the son and a slimy humanoid being stalks the dark streets at night and preys on the innocent. The characters seem almost nameless at first; but indeed they do make proper identities for themselves as the story progresses. The son is Fergel, the mother Mary, the girlfriend Petronella, and the father Cathal. The strange creature has no name. The story is a perplexing, messy, yet intriguing black pot mixture of Irish mythology, black magic, grotesque monsters, themes of teen angst, and ill-fated crows. It isn't the easiest movie to buy into but if you can dig it, then you'll find that it's more than initially meets the eye. "Outcast" transcends classification; it is not merely a horror film, but also a dark fantasy with some cool thematic elements that more than make up for its shortcomings. This is not a memorable screenplay, and these are not memorable characters; but this is a very thought-provoking picture that (gasp) dares to be different. The setting of the film gives it its edge, and makes it more or less feel unfamiliar. The Edinburgh neighborhoods are grim and their inhabitants are even more so. The handheld camerawork captures such elements quite well; although I can't say that it works effectively otherwise. Sometimes I just wanted McCarthy to put down the fucking camera and observe, if only for just a moment, the little character and story moments that this fascinating tale could have benefited from. It's not annoying to the point where I could not watch it, but I do hope that McCarthy drops this style for his later features. Otherwise, I'm completely fine with it; since the camerawork lends a documentary-esque feel to the film in scenes where this is appropriate. The performances themselves are forgettable with one exception. Kate Dickie is absolutely brilliant as the overly attached mum. With just a glance, she can chill you right to the bone. And the things she does to the women that threaten to enter her precious little boy's life are even more diabolical than the appearance of her aging mug. There are many elements that make the flawed but furiously entertaining film worth seeing, and Dickie's performance is one of them. If you aren't a true horror fanatic, you might not be as forgiving as those who are. But sometimes the biggest surprises of the year come from the independent side of horror, and I'd much rather watch an ambitious film not quite master every one of its ideas than watch something with no "ideas" at all.

Private U (es) wrote: ja den hr sumerade ju hela det sena 90tal tidiga 2000 talets indiesmak

J L (ru) wrote: interesting concept, and when I watched da first half high I was completely in2 it but after watching the second half of da movie sober, i lost interest and was kinda disappointed. I appreciate the effort dat went in2 filming this but the movie overall jus kinda sucked.

Jarot H (au) wrote: To give this movie good reviews is to lie to oneself. This has got to be among the worst big budgeted, star studded, "based on a true story" war film of the 21st century. The guts to actually portray the Vietnam war victorious on the US side is just embarrassing... The caricature-esque characters (Mel Gibson portrayed an immortal, better than Rambo and Commando combined, God-like Lt. Colonel Moore who never seemed to bother laying low when under fire. I wonder if that was based on a true story), the over the top violence Mel Gibson seems to love so much, you have to see the photo-journalist montage Barry Pepper did in the film, hilarious. Oh this film was never shot anywhere remotely tropical btw. Did anyone realize none of the settings looked like Vietnam at all?? This film is embarrassing, and top critics giving this film positive reviews were either paid or just got horrible taste and utter fanaticism towards the US and A.

Mickey M (kr) wrote: "Gus Cantrell" (Scott Backula) is a Triple A pitcher who is slowly losing his ability to throw a good pitch. He is approached by Minnesota Twins owner "Roger Dorn" (Corbin Bernson), and is offered a job to coach the Twins' Minor League team, the "Buzz." The "Buzz" are very simular to the Twins in the first movie of the series -- they are a bunch of undiciplined players who are dead last in the standings. To compound "Cantrell's" problems, the Twins are managed by an old rival, "Leonard Huff" (Ted McGinley), a guy with an ego bigger than Twins Stadium. "Huff" makes it very clear that he thinks "Cantrell" and the "Buzz" are the biggest joke in the history of the game. The rivalry of the two comes to a head when "Cantrell" makes an offer to "Huff" that he can't refuse. The first thing you will notice is that this film relies very little on the first two movies. It does bring back some of the original cast to offer a link to the other movies though. Fortunately, the newest members of the Major League franchise (to use a Major League Baseball term) are not carbon copies of the ones we see in the previous films in the series. One thing that takes a backseat in this movie is the love story between "Cantrell" and his girlfriend, "Maggie" (Jensen Daggett). It is obvious though that the two were made for each other, but the movie doesn't even touch upon the romance side of their relationship. "Mr. Baseball" Bob Uecker is one of the highlights of this film. You will get a louder chuckle out of you when he's in the announce booth than any of the other jokes in the film. The movie also lacks in the soundtrack, as well as scenes on the field (during practice and in game). The only visuals that stand out are the field level pitches by "'Downtown' Anderson" (Walt Goggins). None of the jokes really stand out. However, it is kind of fun watching "Huff" lose it when "Cantrell" begins to seriously get under his skin. This movie is basically a fair retelling of the first film that basically fails at the attempt of recreating the magic of the first film. I recommend that this may be a good, not great, second choice rental.

Rebecca O (it) wrote: A fantastic film, Kelly Macdonald is fantastic in this, I felt so depressed after watching, but still enjoyed it anyway! I recommend this to anyone (no kids ofcourse)...

August C (us) wrote: Christopher Walken, Lawrence Fishburn, Wesley Snipes, David Carusso and even a brief appearance by Steve Beuscemi all are great as releatively newcomers in this urban crime drama. That being said the plot is slim to nil and even though the performances are great there's not much of a script for them to work with.

Burcu S (es) wrote: olmus bu film. saygi duydum.

Chris P (kr) wrote: There are so many great Kurt Russell movies. This is one of them.