L'Hidato Shel Adolf Eichmann

L'Hidato Shel Adolf Eichmann


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Hebrew
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:nazi,  

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L'Hidato Shel Adolf Eichmann torrent reviews

Chris G (de) wrote: predictable plot but not bad take it out from your library

Johnson C (es) wrote: Not everyone's cup of tea anyway.

Antti Q (ca) wrote: Starts off as a mediocre poorly acted action flick with too many plot details for its own good. But after the first half it really starts to get some wind under her wings and begins to play more as a comedy (quite unintentionally, I think) and one scene even receives huge applauds from the audience, leaving them giggling for a long while after. Plenty of (un?)intentional stereotypes, bad acting, hard to understand Engrish and Gelman, bone-breaking action and too many surprising plot twists.It's everybody versus everybody else and some of own too, main opponents being the Koreans (both sides, NIS vs SSD) with some help from US (CIA), Arabs (Mossad and your average suicide bomber terrorists) and Russians (weapons dealers) and all this happening in Berlin.

Jason S (ag) wrote: Horrible pacing, editing, and direction make this predictable revenge flick almost unwatchable. When the background music is so loud that you can barely hear any of the dialogue, then you know there's something wrong. Fine performances, but that's about it.

Spencer P (es) wrote: Well-made everywhere with a radiating message, remarkable young talent, and one fantastic dolphin!

Sussy L (de) wrote: I thought it was pretty good and funny. I really enjoyed it. I'm surprised by everyone's review, critics and audience alike.

Tamiya B (au) wrote: maybe one of the dumbest movies ever

Julia M (au) wrote: An excellent film from Chad. I am so pleased that I managed to catch this .

Kim G (ru) wrote: Good movie - Brendan Cowell is a great actor. The finale left me with a sense of disappointment, I expected something a little more original and clever.

Alexander V (nl) wrote: one of the 10 best movies I never saw. I somehow missed this amazing classic in 2001. It is among the greatest of all movies for movie lovers, as it is a movie about the making of one of the greatest movies of all time.

Maruf I (mx) wrote: Entertaining... Indeed!

Charles S (br) wrote: vince vaughn's performance is great in this very odd movie. Although I discovered this gem of craziness late in life I really enjoyed it for all it's badness.

Kathleen O (ca) wrote: Fiennes and Blanchett were amazing. The story was sad -

Christian J (de) wrote: Not sure why Rotton Tomatoes only gave this movie a 52%. This movie is well worth 90%. Rotton Tomatoes ????

Richard S (gb) wrote: Excellent performance by Gary Sinise.

Leslie C (it) wrote: Wish I could do this to a few people...lol

Bill B (fr) wrote: Another film that I'm happy to finally tick off the list courtesy of my enforced Movie Shame Monday viewings, and I'm happy to finally experience all of Tony Curtis' snappy dialog that I've heard quoted in numerous places over the years.His fast talking press agent struggling to keep himself afloat was a helluva lot of fun to watch, and this is definitely a film that I will return to time and again.Recommended.

michelle w (ru) wrote: a must see classic movie everybody has to watch

Paul T (mx) wrote: When I watched I didn't know what year it was made. Perfect timing for the subject. It runs a bit too long. Good symbolism and sets. The new world in the last 30 minutes was what I was waiting for. Think I saw some Trumpism in there. I could see some loft in NYC decorated just like that even now in true black & white!

Robert M (au) wrote: Norman Reedus as The Punisher is the only thing that is redeemable. Marvel has never really been good at their animated films and movies like this set them back even further.