Fiona is the manager of a fast-food restaurant. She lives comfortably with her family in the suburbs. In other words, Fiona is happy... until one day she accidentally gets locked into a walk-in fridge. She escapes the next morning, half frozen and barely alive, only to realize that her husband and two children didn't even notice she was missing. But when Fiona develops an obsession for everything cold and icy: snow, polar bears, fridges, icebergs--she drops everything, climbs into a frozen goods delivery truck and leaves home. For a real iceberg.

Fiona, Julien and their two clone-like children live a life appropriate to the robots they have become, in a style-less, cheerless suburb somewhere in the flatlands of French-speaking ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'iceberg torrent reviews

Alberto G (gb) wrote: Maybe if the same material was handled by Brian De Palma, it would have been as formulistic but much more stylish. It had an interesting premise, but then decide to throw logic out the window. It did keep me entertained, but like the protagonist, I wish I could forget it.

Emily T (de) wrote: Gorgeous cinematography, beautifully casted, heart wrenching film that will take you through a full spectrum of emotions by its conclusion. Excellent soundtrack and smart dialogue.

Karl W (ru) wrote: a rehash of previous episodes

Thomas K (au) wrote: very interesting and, of course, very cool

Betsy T (nl) wrote: A rare and excellent look at the genius that touched us all with his vision and imagination which brought so many happy memories to many lives and the world. Every Disney (and non-Disney) fan has to see this film. It's a superb tribute to one of the greatest people ever to walk the earth, and a man who is so greatly missed and looked up to...and to this day, held in the highest regard.

Dennis P (ca) wrote: this is a thought provoking movie ......

Lee M (mx) wrote: This sensitive coming-of-age tale is framed by the narration of its grown-up protagonist, recalling her childhood in the 1950s, an era defined by the A-bomb and the culture it created.

August M (kr) wrote: A brilliant masterwork. Lyrical about not only art but it's complex subject. I was enthralled and moved by Mishima's passion for art in ever day life.

Tyler S (nl) wrote: Simplistic but thoughtful, "Harry and Tonto" is made by Art Carney's performance. A sweet, little gem of a movie.

Haroon S (br) wrote: Marvel has never succeeded in bringing out a good Hulk movie..They never did and they gave up! No more hulk movies in MCU!