A young man from north Italy named Amedeo decides to come to Rome.He has a crazy idea in his head to meet the pope.

Caustic satire on bureaucracy of the Vatican authority and a simple Italian who wants to achieve the audience with the Pope. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'udienza torrent reviews

Shawn M (kr) wrote: I disliked this almost as much as I love Star Wars. Most documentaries have a smooth flow...this was choppy and disjointed at best. It's hard to tell if this is meant to be a fan documenting the fandom or an outsider shining a light on a corner of geekdom he finds freakish. Bottom line: Skip this boring film unless you just can't help yourself

Dan H (mx) wrote: Not as horrible as rated.

Lau H (ca) wrote: I first watched it when i was a kid, I watched again when I was in secondary school, I watched it again in my university time, and I was never felt boring about it. This is a great film that is able to stand-out in any era.

The Critic (fr) wrote: A promising premise, though the overall result suffers from a lengthy gestation and a lack of consistent, effective gags.

Mike C (de) wrote: What a title, eh? As one with a great affinity for the opposite sex, I thought I could appreciate a movie based on that very feeling. At one point headed for a 9/10 rating, it held on for a 7/10. French movies are often very artsy and can be pretentious. This one was a little better. The story revolves around a man who decides to write a book about his many lovers. Many movies have involved books and many have failed because the writing is poor. That is not the case here as the writing is supreme. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is another great French film that used great writing. The first strike is the character who goes to prison (I forget her name). The story was rolling along wonderfully to this point but definitely started to drag from there on out (about the last 70 minutes). It does pick back up once or twice, but it's never the same. Similarly, it hits a slow spot late in the movie though I can forgive that because she proves to be a major component of the story. Regardless, great title and great idea for a movie. It doesn't hurt that many French women are shown in dresses while walking in high heels. I'm no foot fetishist but it does make for fine art and the way he describes it in his book is strengthened by the visual accompaniment. The problem is it just drags on too long at two hours, and some of the characters are far less interesting than others.

RiP M (us) wrote: Quite dated but still-charming tale has game cast and script going for it, and a glorious star turn by the late, great Lynn Redgrave at its centre.

Olivier B (ru) wrote: The movie that started all. Fantastic all the way.

Marcus M (br) wrote: Amazing. Why have I never seen this movie!!

Andy G (br) wrote: Fading gigolo is a OK drama that owner of Jewish community flower shop pimp out a guy to make love to women in the area. Woody Allen and John Turrtro star in this one. B- (2014)

Donna S (es) wrote: A lot of great things about this movie. I am a huge fan of "The Hunt for Red October" and feel Chris Pine really brought a lot to the character Jack Ryan. Kevin Costner was a great bonus in the movie.

Destiny M (ru) wrote: pretty funny and cute

Wade H (ru) wrote: Don't expect more than your average sci-fi movie feel with this clone of Aliens. It seems always entertaining and there were few surprising moments. But the story is generic, and Weller seems bored. The final form of the Leviathan was laughable and underwhelming. But it's still good to catch on tv for some cheesy thrills.