L'uomo dei cinque palloni

L'uomo dei cinque palloni


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L'uomo dei cinque palloni torrent reviews

hamster m (mx) wrote: this is cool. love heatblast, diamond head and wildmutt.

Bobby L (fr) wrote: A thriller that makes no sense, but looks pretty while doing so. Tom Sizemore hams it up in flashbacks (or are they the present and the rest just 'what if's) and the daughter whom is suppose to be "leaving a trail of bodies" does so, in a manner of speaking, but I'm not really sure who was who by the end of the flick as so many people come in and out and back in and the action feels like typical of such things.

Corey S (kr) wrote: An eerie, Hitchcock-style thriller which had me on the edge of my seat and wanting to know more as the film progressed.

Rob B (nl) wrote: truely beautful you have to watch this movie

Hank K (ru) wrote: Incompetently made film, poorly shot, poorly lit, poorly acted. Lighting is bad, action scenes are ineffective, dialogue scenes are barely pulled off with horrible dubbing. In some scenes the principle actor delivers all their lines entirely off camera, suggesting actors could either not memorize their lines, or dialogue was replaced entirely during post production. Ben Kingsley delivers in terms of acting, as always, but his scenes seem to be shot by a second unit, and are completely disconnected from the rest of the film. Even many of the scenes with Kingsley are poorly shot with incompetent framing and focus pulling. Don't waste your time with this one. The original film, "A Wednesday", is probably a better film, though I have not seen it and I doubt it's dubbed in English.

Evan S (ru) wrote: This movie had zero appeal to me. A star for the acting and production, but nothing for the rest of it. I just read Sailor and Lula, which I liked very much. This does not not have the same feel as the book. It's an entirely different creature.