L'uomo di vetro

L'uomo di vetro

The story of Leonardo Vitale, the first regretted Cosa Nostra. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham J (fr) wrote: Probably the best Clash retrospective. The first part of the film squeezes in the bulk of their era whilst the latter half focuses on the three years that led up to their demise.Features contrasting views and includes witnesses that have never been interviewed before. Suffers from the same old voices making the same old populist points. Director Danny Garcia avoids an overdosed critique by concentrating on witnesses and participants rather than the disgruntled or tired media hacks.There's a lack of a clear timeline but this is a minor point. There is also no reference to Top Risk Action Company or to the slate of songs that were replaced on the final album by fresher more electronic tracks.It's left to Fayne, drum machine master to put the album in context and it is such insights that are too rare in the film. A good backing selection of clash and clash related backing tracks add to the film. Some of the live video footage is totally misplaced in terms of periods under discussion but splicing rare strummer interviews into the film adds to the focus. Ultimately Garcia fails in his original vision to rewrite the closing days of the clash and falls back in some part to a damning critique, I am sure influenced by the reasonable but negative comments of Nick Shepperd and Pete Howard.It has the feel of an anti Bernie film with Bernie and his allies, Paul and Joe absent making it a one sided story. Finally Vince White. His contributions lead one to conclude two things. His behaviour then and now suggests someone with serious mental health problems and his raving drunken incoherent rants should never have been included in the film. If you're not a Clash fan you may find this film so niche it is for anoraks.

Eduardo R (jp) wrote: Staring at the poster for 90 minutes is more interesting than watching the movie.

Faith M (ru) wrote: Considering how Disney loves reimagining origin stories such as Maleficient, they should be more than capable of applying effective satire to create a new version to alter the racist origins of the story into something fresh and dynamic. A twist could have easily been provided such as the story being previously told from the wrong perspective and then presenting the genuine (new) one. The film instead played into the outdated narrative at hand and did so with a dry dialogue through awkward delivery that all streched out to a ridiculous length. The Lone Ranger had the opprotunity to be something more and there is little excuse for failure with their budget of $225 million.

John R (us) wrote: 0911: For a cheap film, not a bad film. Found it drags at times and a little annoyed at how stupid the main characters can be.

Swetha A (jp) wrote: Tickles the funny bone and portrays the side effects of love extremely well!!!Good performances by the lead artistes.

Carlos D (jp) wrote: this was a really good movie,the bonding between the two sisters is believable and it has funny and dramatic moments all combined in a very subtle way.Cameron Diaz....instead of doing idiotic flicks like Sex Tape,you should stick to more stuff like this.seriously.

Jaime M (au) wrote: la pelicula es regular; ella es muy linda ......

Sumant S (es) wrote: Cosavogliodipiu: Highly matured watch.This official selection to Berlin International FilmFestival, tries to explore family, love, life and its complexities, through an extra marital affair. Real, Simple but not sweet. I repeat again, a mature watch.

explodingboy1989 (ag) wrote: A near perfect film, Isaac Florentine's B movie masterpiece, Bridge of Dragons, stars Dolph Lundgren, Valerie Chow, Cary Tagawa, and that dude who got caught humping that lady in the closet by Dalton in Roadhouse. If you rent this, you will most definitely NOT be disappointed. Warchyld (Lundgren) has been given the task of finding the AWOL princess Halo (played by Chow, who for some reason goes by Rachel Shane here) by the evil warlord Reuchang (Tagawa). Along the way, trained killer falls for little hottie, and realizes his benefactor isn't such a nice guy after all. Said trained killer hooks up with rebel alliance and takes down the baddie, all the while getting the girl, Dolph style. Simple plot, right? What's most important to remember while watching this movie are the little details that make it so great- it's always fun when you're viewing something,and it looks like the sets and wardrobe are just taken from a dozen different movies and mixed together. In this "alternative future" setting, the mishmash of sets and clothes works to its advantage. You got WWII era uniforms mixing with clothes taken from 'Masters of the Universe, mix in some Road Warrior stuff with modern-day US army outfits, and bam! Pure B movie hilarity. Lundgren plays this all with a straight face- the majority of the time. There are moments when I feel he's kind of nodding to the viewer and "in on the joke." Tagawa is equally classic as the bad guy, and delivers his usual great performance. He and Dolph square off for the second time here (the first being 'Showdown in Little Tokyo,' another Dolph classic), and I tell you, I'm waiting for part three anxiously. Oh yeah, did I mention the guy who gets caught humping the girl in the closet by Dalton in Road House is here, and he plays Dolph's buddy? Go ahead and rent this, you'll be so glad you did.

Pedro R (mx) wrote: a true perversion of the typical gangster movies! here we have over the top weird violence and a warning of how violent is the japanese youth is becoming. and besides that is brilliant entertainment, we got acid falling on a girls face, hemaphrodites fucking with both women and man, 8 year old boys shooting a yakuza boss, a group of school kids playing footbal with theyre english teachers........HEAD and a high school girl throwing darts from her vagina. in a summary is a very little nice movie to watch with all the family(dont forget grandma) on a sunny afternoon. :D

Jon W (mx) wrote: Easily the best film made about anything ever.

Marnie Z (ag) wrote: A bit slow at times but I'd watch again just for Lee Marvin :)

Private U (jp) wrote: Day and Cagney are both excellent in this surprisingly gritty biopic of 30s singer/actress Ruth Etting. The bonus material on the DVD includes two of Etting's short films from the 30s, allowing you to see and hear the lady herself perform. Cinemascope and Eastman Color make it great eye candy on a big screen TV, to boot.

Matt H (us) wrote: Really dull love story and musical. Very beautiful production design, however.

Heather M (es) wrote: It's ok, but the book is much better. The movie really is not much like the book at all. Definitely "based on".

Wes S (mx) wrote: Memento quickly shows off a unique interesting concept- with a unique interesting direction. Telling the story backwards works off pretty well, as the twists come into play smoothly. Unfortunately, the ending is disappointing and lackluster. Despite that, the movie is still worth a check-out.

Dylan G (br) wrote: This is what i call a guilty pleasure! It's fun, and hilariously stupid in a good way! B+

Nolan M (ag) wrote: Awesome music and dancing from its cast.