La bataille d'Alger

La bataille d'Alger


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Kristin B (nl) wrote: This movie def kept you on your toes but I did not care for how it brought religion into it all. I felt it was disrespectful and some things in the movie were just not needed.

Mitchell M (kr) wrote: "Take Shelter" is a sincere, powerful exploration of mental illness, fueled by a phenomenal lead performance from Michael Shannon.

Aidan H (fr) wrote: Whatever atmosphere is created by the lush sets and decent cinematography is ruined by clumsy editing and a plot so confusing, I couldn't tell my scrolls from my seals by the time I turned it off in exasperation. Donnie Yen was superb as ever in the punch.slice-ups but not a patch on some of the other Chinese historical epics out there. Stars for the production design and Sammo Hung's choreography.

Jake M (kr) wrote: At least this movie had a few funny moments and the Looney Tunes were put to good use. However, the plot, setting, and real life characters weren't really engaging, but at least it was better than Space Jam.

Kevin R (mx) wrote: You'll stand apart from other men.Joseph is the youngest of many brothers. His father favors him and makes his brothers jealous. One inauspicious day the brothers sell him as a slave. He is purchased and taught to become an elite slave until he comes into power. One day table's turn and his brothers fall on his doorstep begging for supplies to survive. He will need to determine how he will move forward with his family, seek revenge or forgive and forget."You are a miracle child."Rob LaDuca, director of The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, Jasmine's Enchanted Tales, and Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt, delivers Joseph the Dreamer. The storyline for this is well delivered and paced. The plot is very predictable and straight forward and the animation is okay."You have to give a little more than you take."I came across this some time ago on Netflix and added it to the queue to watch with my daughter. We finally watched it and it was just okay. I think she was in and out of interest. I thought the story and execution was above average but this is far from a must see. I'd only watch this if nothing better wasn't available. "He'll do."Grade: C+/B-

Zachary Y (us) wrote: DeVito is great, despite the incredibly flawed plot.

Josh R (mx) wrote: Make no mistake that Part III is only awesome because Part I was so excellent.

Jennifer B (nl) wrote: a lot of scenery of venice!

Brice B (mx) wrote: J'ai t surpris de cette courtoisie entre "ennemis" dans ce film. Loin de toute cette haine que l'on nous montre habituellement.

Jack P (fr) wrote: A dumb, dumb film, but mostly harmless. Gimmicky and simple, yet is still entertaining at points. Not terrible, mostly forgettable.

James B (ca) wrote: Was I supposed to be hammered in order to get this movie or appreciate all those weird scenes?

Shane S (nl) wrote: A very good sci-fi/horror film, with an ending I never saw coming. Good cast. Some good action. Its also kind of claustrophobic. Worth a look.

Amy F (it) wrote: Singing in a school girls battle choir. Battling against your own schools boy battle choir. Battle of the sexes much lol.

Patric C (it) wrote: An interesting film that makes use of recurring themes. As such, the ending is no surprise. Also, the only character we really know anything about is dead. But the visuals are good, alongside the atmosphere and setting. Despite it's shortcomings, I enjoyed it.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Sequel to "Support Your Local Sheriff" offers a pretty similar story of conman James Garner taming a wacky town in the wild west, mostly with his wits instead of his guns or fists. Burt Kennedy returned to direct this entertaining, though awfully silly, west. Jack Elam, Harry Morgan, Henry Jones, Dub Taylor and Kathleen Freeman all also return for this sequel and are joined by the very likable Suzanne Pleshette, Joan Blondell, Chuck Connors, Marie Windsor, and John Dehner. It's a complete piece of fluff, but it's a very amiable film