La bella durmiente

La bella durmiente


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:17 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:La bella durmiente 1981 full movies, La bella durmiente torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:DeGea
  • Country:Mexico
  • Director:Pedro Reygadas
  • Writer:Jorge PĂ©rez Grovas, Pedro Reygadas

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La bella durmiente torrent reviews

mark d (us) wrote: Award Category Subject ResultAACTA Award(3rd) Best Film Sylvia Wilczynski NominatedBest Direction Kim Mordaunt NominatedBest Original Screenplay WonBest Actor Sitthiphon Disamoe NominatedBest Supporting Actor Suthep Po-ngam NominatedBest Supporting Actress Alice Keohavong NominatedBest Cinematography Andrew Commis NominatedBest Editing Nick Meyers NominatedBest Original Music Score Caitlin Yeo NominatedBest Sound Sam Petty NominatedBrooke Trezise NominatedNick Emond NominatedSam Hayward NominatedYulia Akerholt NominatedBest Production Design Pete Baxter NominatedBest Costume Design Woranun Pueakpun NominatedSylvia Wilczynski NominatedTribeca Film Festival Audience Award[5] Best Narrative Feature Kim Mordaunt WonBest Actor in a Narrative Feature Film Sitthiphon Disamoe Won

Jochy R (us) wrote: Es una pelcula extraa y resulta con un humor no comprensible...

Claudia F (us) wrote: This movie shows us the life of peasant people in a Chinese city but it could happen in any other city's poor and underground neighborhood. The story is narrated by Yanni who is a girl that was raised by her grandmother and her aunt in an extreme affection-less world that shaped her low self-stime. Finally, she had the chance for a new life, and she went to college but since the first day she gets involved with a stranger, Muyu, who seems to care about her but he doesn't care about his wife and child. So, he abandons them to be with Yanni who is pregnant. Worth watching!

Maria G (au) wrote: I liked it. But it was very slow. Intimate is the word that pops into my head. It's about the hard time of being a teenager and inmigrant. So the main character suffers a double dose of alienation. It's not a movie for everyone, because of its pace.

Michael T (it) wrote: The title character wanders aimlessly through the night, as does the plot.

Gabo L (jp) wrote: Muy interesante historia de un divorcio? contado de forma magnfica. Con interesantes e intensas actuaciones, que a mi parecer logran transmitir?? buena direccin, muy recomendable

Meow T (de) wrote: Surprisingly good movie that started a great franchise.

Jennifer J (ag) wrote: pretty funny, but had a not so great ending

Grant T (us) wrote: I thought the film could have been better, but Robin Williams' uplifting performance as the happy, hoo hah doctor patch Adams was truly amazing

Uur H (br) wrote: cakma mad maxlerden biri, ama anlayamadigim 2. sinif bir aksiyon filminin neden 105 dakika oldugu, bitsin diye fenalastim bi ara!!!

D M (fr) wrote: An insurance investigator relates the story of his decent into madness while searching for a very popular horror author (Sutter Cane) who's gone missing. He travels to a fictional town in New Hampshire with the beautiful Julie Carmen as he is going crazier and crazier. A lot of Lovecraftian symbolism, a few Stephen King references, and both Jrgen Prochnow and Charlton Heston in a supporting role help to add some degree of watch-ability in this mostly incoherent John Carpenter doomsday film.

Greg W (fr) wrote: just rewatched this didn't like it at first but also didn't realize it was a bio-pic about john huston and company shooting 'the african queen' how did i misss that? the moment clint speaks like huston u know it cant be anyone else.

Nathan C (ca) wrote: A good live-action Disney movie, and Jodie Foster is great even when she's young.

Ross B (es) wrote: This film may be an important film, but I just couldn't get invested in it. The characters are hard to really connect with. The real stunning part of the film is the footage regarding the riots at the 1968 DNC in Chicago. The scenes make the audience feel as though they are right in the middle of the chaos. It is chilling and engrossing at the same time. On the whole though the movie isn't that stunning.

Nate T (fr) wrote: Classic variation on the gangster films of yore. On Blu-ray.

Dinh T (nl) wrote: ********the only review you'll need to read***********This movie takes place over 33 days. Last time I checked there are 365 days in a year. And the word "violent" means "using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.". Well that shit doesn't happen in the movie. The movie should be called, "we"re arguing for 33 days".It's like calling a movie "Star Wars" but there are no stars and there are no wars. It's like naming a song, "happy" and you sing about suicide....we'll wait that would be kind of poetic. Regardless this movie sucks on the basis of pure logic.