La belle captive

La belle captive

Walter is told by his boss, Sara, to deliver an urgent letter to Henri de Corinthe. On the way he finds a beautiful woman he had been eying in a nightclub, lying in the road, bound up. He takes her to a villa to get a doctor, and ends up being locked in a bedroom with her. While she is making love to him, he has visions of surrealistic images from René Magritte's paintings. In the morning, the girl, Marie-Ange, has vanished, the villa looks derelict, and his neck is bleeding. Was it all just a nightmare?

Walter is told by his boss, Sara, to deliver an urgent letter to Henri de Corinthe. On the way he finds a beautiful woman he had been eying in a nightclub, lying in the road, bound up. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diane M (jp) wrote: ....stylish high drama......Italian film taken from an American novel....

Joshua E (br) wrote: looks incredible, cant wait to get a free bit of time to really settle and give this a good watch.

Nathan M (br) wrote: Well-acted and directed, The German Doctor will be hard for many American audiences due to the foreign language. However, if you can get over that, you'll find some great performances, and a tight thriller to enjoy.

Ramon A (fr) wrote: This is one of these little movies that fortunately get made once in a while... What seems a not very original idea gets excellent treatment with well-timed dialogues, realistic acting and directing with a great intuition that keeps you anticipating comical situations over a dramatic background. My favorite movie this year so far.

Comicbknerd L (fr) wrote: Guy Pierce and Sienna Miller were great in this movie. The ending is so sad!

Helen M (us) wrote: Loved it. The angst, the drama, and the everyday pressures of life that all of us face whether we know it or not all work together beautifully in this piece.

Mike B (de) wrote: I liked this dark and offbeat film. Great cast.

jay n (ag) wrote: Stolid reworking of Hamlet certainly has an outstanding cast but the director has no idea what to do with them. He has drained the inherent tragedy from the piece and what is left is a hollow exercise in tedium. Not a single one of his players, all experienced Shakespearean actors, is given a chance to let loose and breath some kind of life into this flat enterprise.

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Jason M (it) wrote: Entertaining action, with the right amount of style. Muscle cars equipped with machine guns and rocket launchers proved to be a really fun formula.

Eboney B (gb) wrote: Loved the movie!!!! I thought casting was perfect. I hope one day the sequel will be back on, same cast.

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