La boca del lobo

La boca del lobo

The Peruvian anti-terrorist army takes control of a far away and unknown small village isolated in the Andes by the terrorist militia "Sendero Luminoso" (Shining Path), during the dirty war in Peru at 80's decade.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Spanish,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   racism,   military,  

The Peruvian anti-terrorist army takes control of a far away and unknown small village isolated in the Andes by the terrorist militia "Sendero Luminoso" (Shining Path), during the dirty war in Peru at 80's decade. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Do you even Jay C (mx) wrote: [b]Final Verdict[/b] Waste of TimeAnd fourth rotten score/review/rant begins... I need to start watching good films once more.Well, I didn't go into a film about a killer who traps people into an ATM and tortures them with the highest expectations. The very low score from critics and audiences alike gave me a clear perception of what I was about to watch. Let me say that I was not fully prepared. I went into ATM expecting a cheap thrill and to waste time (What better way to spend a Saturday night than watching a low budget horror film courtesy of Netflix!?) Instead, I got a film strangely reminiscent of the Purge in the fact that the characters did very idiotic things, and many strange occurrences were thrown in just to make sure something happened. Okay, I'll be honest. I had nothing better to do than watch this film, but hey, at least I can write a rant. Oh, and there will be spoilers.*SPOILERS FROM HERE*(Honestly, just keep on reading. It's not like you're going to miss out on a masterpiece or anything)ATM is a "claustrophobic thriller" in the loosest sense of the words. It follows a group of three idiots, played by some unknown actor, Josh Peck (from Drake & Josh, lol), and Alice Eve, as they are trapped in an ATM due to Peck's selfishness and idiocy (He wanted food, but he had no money, so go to the ATM!). By chance, they happen to choose the very same ATM a serial killer has been stalking for god knows how long. Does this guy just wait for random people to use an ATM in an abandoned parking lot? What if no one shows for the day? Risking hypothermia to satisfy your sick desires? I must admit, that guy sure is devoted to his job.I actually had hope for this film during the beginning, however. Before any of the torturing begins, the film relies on Josh Peck's charm and wit. This kid had talent, or at least in the first quarter. It's just that when the terror begins, his character immediately turns from likable douchebag to unlikable douche in a matter of seconds. No really, the character turns into a douche real quick. The other two actors, unknown guy and Alice Eve are horrible from the start. In the first quarter, they set up a romance for them and...yeah, let's just say that didn't really go anywhere, and it served as a reason to have Eve at the ATM. Instantly, this film pulls a magic trick. While the trio are in the ATM, the killer stands outside. Right in the middle of the light. Then, suddenly through the grace of God, a random guy appears from nowhere and Holy Christ, this guy has the worst luck ever. Almost as witnessing a new guy in prison trying to make a name for himself, the killer instantly murders this man for no reason. The guy was going to walk off quietly and he wouldn't have known a thing. However, I guess he saw too much, even though I am sure he was just taking his dog for a the middle of a parking lot...but yeah, he was just innocently strolling through a parking lot where a murder was about to occur. But, who cares now!? His face is now one with the pavement!The characters' plans of action just reek of ways to find them in a worse predicament. Oh my gosh! A single guy is standing in the parking lot, looking at you! Simple rules, three vs. one. Usually, the three would win, but nope. This plan is apparently too smart for them, and they end up providing the killer with his weapons, which makes no sense. So you're planning a murder, but you're not gonna bring any weapons and pray to the Lord that the victims magically leave their car unlocked so you can receive your weapon? Fool-proof plan. Then, Eve's character brings up the fact that "He has a gun", yet this is never brought up ever again. So he had no gun? Seriously, logic would indicate that he would have shot the guy who's face was smashed into the asphalt, but okay, I'll let her have her day. Did I mention how terrible of an actress she is? Seriously, the fact that Michael Bay hasn't picked her up...And so we move on to our next kill: a security officer, who seems to be deaf. Seriously, this trope is becoming more and more annoying. You somehow hear most of the important pieces, yet you can't understand what they're saying? They were only a couple yards from him. If a quarterback can call out plays at the top of lungs in a loud arena to people who are yards away from him, I'm sure people can hear you in an abandoned parking lot. Oh yes, let's get out of the car a few yards away and curiously walk up slowly to the people crying for help! His death wasn't bad, however. I'd say it was the only decent death, even if the circumstances surrounding it were idiotic.And cut to our killer attempting to open the backdoor to the ATM room. Does he ever accomplish this feat? Can he muster enough strength to do it? Find out next time on "ATM 2: Cash Back?"! Nah, the film doesn't end there, though I wish it did. Seriously though, the killer attempts to open the back door and he never finishes this. Why? Because it's a filler to add to the short 90 minute span and a way for him to figure out his victim's plans.And now, we move on to the third death. No, the trio seem to have not worked up enough courage to kill the guy yet. Instead, a random guy, who somehow dresses in the same attire as the killer and just so happens to get by the killer, enters the ATM perfectly okay. That is until the due of unknown guy and Peck beat the guy up and choke him to death! Oh, so the killer is very meticulous about his plotting and somehow predicts that someone would dress in the same outfit as him and enters the very same ATM he stalks, just so that guy could get murdered and he's able to frame our protagonists!? This guy is just too careful in his plotting! I sense a genius.And now, we move on to the first death of one of our main protagonists: Josh Peck. Peck gets fed up with everything and attempts to flee on foot! He gets far, but this is where the film seriously makes us suspend disbelief. He gets smacked down by a wire, which the killer put up when the protagonists took their eyes off him for a while. This seemingly endless wire is the downfall of Peck as after he trips, he seems to be paralyzed and unable to move. Did he break his spine? Nope because after the killer stabs him and leave him, Peck gets up and staggers. He then gets inside the ATM! Yay! Nope. Spoke too soon. The killer, through the might of some unforeseen being, is able to flood the ATM, and kills Peck through this. Oh, and Alice Eve smashes her head on a table and dies. But something that happens in this practically would have prevented this entire film. Peck had a match of cigarettes in his suit and apparently could have started a small fire, sounding off the sirens, alerting the police. Wow....I've spoken enough on this film and don't want to waste anymore time, so I'll say this: Don't watch it.

Greg W (br) wrote: a bit slow for me but still good

Kaokla G (ru) wrote: Cute I love it!!!!!!!

Your Friend (ag) wrote: I think this is the Mountain Dew/Mtv films one.

Michael D (br) wrote: Even though Cindy Sherman herself was unhappy with the results and distances herself from it, this is a great horror thriller. The writing and performances are wicked and every scene is set up to look like a Cindy Sherman photograph.

Diego A (fr) wrote: This should be rated F for fail.

Tom S (us) wrote: The snob in me wants to dismiss this mind-numbingly stupid film and everyone who ever liked it, but the schmuck in me, somehow, enjoyed it. It's just as dumb as you expect, yet way more fun.

Benjamin W (es) wrote: I'm not really sure if it was due to the culture, or if there was more to it than that, but I really didn't understand this movie. A lot of it just did not make sense to me, even despite Anthony Quinn's energetic character.

Vadim D (us) wrote: Not even a great cast can save this boring and formulaic "thriller." There is not a single character to care about, while the movie fails to deliver anything worthy.