La bomba

La bomba

Three young Italian actors while attending Actor's Studio set up as a joke an extortion acting like real mafiosi. After the successful first extortion they decide to continue on that way. But the NY mafia realize what is happening and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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RNN B (ca) wrote: Love the book, but the film is a mess. Ifans isn't actually too bad, but the story's all over the place, the period stuff's full of terrible blue screen work, and good actors have absolutely nothing to do - Glover, Sevigny.Pretty much everyone involved should take a good look at themselves and wonder how they hell they managed to take a brilliant book and turn it into a laughably dull movie.

Hyam Q (kr) wrote: i luv this movie !! so good !!

Nick A (mx) wrote: It's an ok movie. Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking though.

Charlie G (fr) wrote: John Ritter and Pam Dawber jump right into the action as they endure one TV show after another when they are swallowed by a TV Satellite from hell. If they loose their dead. Though adventurous this has been done before.

Caio C (kr) wrote: Bowie + Kitano + Sakamoto and his music + Conti acting top notch = must see!

Greg W (jp) wrote: Nicholson's directorial debut in this confusing, convoluted drama

Charles P (gb) wrote: At times this felt like a Pepe Le Pew cartoon. Renoir missed an opportunity to be a leader in mixing live action and animation with this flick. Not very forward thinking, Jean!

Kevin R (fr) wrote: You cost me my job and I'll slit your ugly throat A poor farming family has to sell their prize horse in order to obtain enough money to plant their next crop and make a living. The daughter of the household is heartbroken by the decision, but she reluctantly understands; however, the horse does not understand. The horse repeatedly breaks out of its stable and returns to the poor family. How will the new owner deal with his slippery horse? "We're just wasting money nobody's got to waste." Andrew Marton, director of The Last Roman, Birds Do It, The Thin Red Line (1964), It Happens in Athens, King Solomon's Mine, Gentle Annie, and Wolf's Clothing, delivers Gypsy Colt. The storyline for this picture contains a classic animal genre theme. The animal is loved by an only child. The child losses the animal. By some miracle or act of kindness the child obtains the animal back. The settings and character delivery was solid in this movie and the acting fit the genre perfectly. The cast includes Lee Van Cleef, Frances Dee, Donna Corcoran, and Ward Bond. "I don't know how they keep that horse alive." This movie grabbed my attention because it starred Lee Van Cleef (one of my favorite western genre actors). This movie was fairly standard and in-line with numerous animal genre pictures. There are a few interesting sequences that are surprising because it is a horse performing the stunt; but overall, this is an above average family drama. "You don't suppose they put pops in jail because I stole you, do you?" Grade: B-

Joel K (fr) wrote: I really love this movie. A must see for those who fancy old movies.

Dylan D (it) wrote: Burlesque isn't a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination. It's just completely irrelevant. It might be touching, sincere, and even a little funny, but those are qualities of the genre and the clichs through which the film is built, not the results of any imaginative strokes of genius or bucking of the system on the writer/director's part. Cher and Christian Aguilera -- along with a very good supporting cast -- make the movie worth a watch, but at two hours it's just too long and even the sex appeal wears off by film's end. It's a movie with its heart in the right place; just don't expect anything new.

Markus M (de) wrote: I love the film's dark and bleak visual style which lends itself to some truly striking and memorable imagery, from the film's most graphic shots right down to its protagonist's hairdo. The reason the film doesn't work for me however is not because of the ambiguity of its narrative or because of its surreality as this is nowhere near the strangest film I've ever seen and anyone with even the slightest bit of imagination can come up with their own interpretations as to what transpires in the film. The reason the film doesn't work for me is because it's unnecessarily slow, mostly uneventful, and simply just plain boring.6/10

Jason C (de) wrote: Richard Gere is always watchable but in this film your patience is tested to the extreme. Not much to like or care about. One to avoid.