La burrerita de Ypacaraí

La burrerita de Ypacaraí


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Matt B (au) wrote: It's a little slow, but Palo Alto sticks with you. The cinematography is GORGEOUS and the performances sublime. Gia Coppola's high school drama accurately captures disillusioned youths and the trouble they get into.

Marj D (kr) wrote: This made me appreciate even more how good films like Conan the Barbarian are. Everyone was obviously acting their little socks off in this film but it just didn't measure up to the classic sword and sandles epics of the 80s. Jennifer Dorogi can certainly kick ass but she lacked the grace of Sandahl Bergman, and her outfit was frankly ridiculous. Sorry kids. A+ for effort but D for final submission.

Evie T (ag) wrote: not that great, extremely similar set out to the Saw films - creepy man with a strange voice on a video who is physically handicapped, risking their lives in deadly games with one of them having a key inside them just like in Saw, even the same quote 'let the games begin' is used. If you want to watch it purely for a bit of gore then you may be disappointed, and the acting is very unconvincing with the atmosphere being no where near as successfully scary or tension building as Saw. Was pretty disappointed.

Chris C (it) wrote: Freakin stupid and rediculous. Stephen would like it.

ad L (jp) wrote: A dark like Groundhogs day sort of film.

Jeremy R (it) wrote: damn!i NEED to see this!

Gabriel A (fr) wrote: Opostos que se atraem durante uma grande aventura proporcionada pelo destino roteirizado de Marc Lawrence, a premissa e velha e no tem condies de surpreender por mais que Sandra e Bem se esforcem, a trama se alimenta de bobeiras casuais e tenta impactar com um final desastrosamente melanclico.

Callan Y (au) wrote: the ultimate romantic comedy. no soppy stuff like 99% others in this over saturated genre. chemistry between Nicholson & Hunt is great.

Jim R (ru) wrote: yoooooooooooooooo this movie is great forget what these dipshits are saying!!!!

dana c (au) wrote: good storyline. i dont agree with the pg13 rating as the curse words f... and GDamn are used and just not needed.

Jussi M (it) wrote: Sanat ei vaan riit kertomaan paitsi... ett tm olisi tydellinen leffaillan aloitusleffa hyvss seurassa ja hyvss hnss. Kalkkunapisteit 5. Yhdesskin kohdassa prtkss nkyi kohtauksessa kytetyt apupyrt!!

Radio N (gb) wrote: A classic. An intriguing look at small town America. Utterly believable and for that reason alone, pretty scary. Former President Reagen's finest film appearance.

Kira B (gb) wrote: I want to watch it again!

Michael L (us) wrote: Nothing happens. There's no real plot, just some minor happenings among the different members of a group of friends. I suppose they hit what 1959 was like and there were some funny parts but the only real reason to watch it is to see an early point of several actors' careers who would become stars.