La caja

La caja

Rolls are reversed when a burned out drug lord finds himself face to face with the biggest deal of his life. His own kidnapping! All Gina wanted was a little restitution and money. But what...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Spanish,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:La caja 2005 full movies, La caja torrents movie

Rolls are reversed when a burned out drug lord finds himself face to face with the biggest deal of his life. His own kidnapping! All Gina wanted was a little restitution and money. But what... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cristi B (it) wrote: didn't expected to like it so much

David F (us) wrote: A mesmerizing film about the summertime friendship between two teenagers, one dealing with the sudden religious conversion of her ex-convict brother, the other living in a gilded cage with wealthy though absent parents. They seem so lucky to have found one another and begin to depend on each other for the support they get nowhere else in their lives, as Tamsin, the wealthy one, teaches Mona about Nietzsche and Freud while Mona brings her spontaneous instinctual values to Tamsin's attention. The acting here from a young Emily Blunt and Natalie Press is very impressive as the pair bring to life the relationship which grows and develops amid the simple diversions of rural English life in the early twenty first century.

Lorence Mae I (us) wrote: ita kindda funny movei

Amy T (br) wrote: Bizarre and spookie.

Louay J (de) wrote: Remarkable for its portrayal of Jewish Georgian customs and mores in modern day Israel. And the movie is entertaining too. Thouroughly enjoyed it.

Joanne H (es) wrote: So it's a given that I enjoyed Leto's performance. But script, acting and soundtrack were all pretty good. A few scenes could have done with a bit more editing - but fans of Dazed & Confused, Go & requiem for a dream won't be disappointed.

(it) wrote: Larry Drake, Holly Marie Combs, Cliff DeYoung The psychopathic son of a mass-murdering doctor, escapes from his mental institution to seek revenge on the town where his father was caught. The giggling doctor kills his victims with a surgical theme. His goal being to give one of the townfolk a heart transplant. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was young when I first saw this movie, even then it was more of a dark comedy slasher to me. My Lil sis who I made watch it with me begs to differ. It scared her really bad. I loved every minute of it, and she screamed and shielded her eyes through most of it. Definitely a favorite of mine growing up. Although after having my youngest sister watch this movie and Dolly Dearest in the same night got me grounded for a month. =) My sister wouldn't play with any of her dolls for weeks. I'm a great older sister..=) Anyways, it's a fun slasher, and isn't to be taken very seriously. Love to see it again. My sister, not so much.. LOL..

Dion D (it) wrote: It's a classic, even if it's goofy fun.

Derek M (ag) wrote: With my right hand...

Stuart M (es) wrote: A WW1 soldier "defects" to Germany so that he can spy on their zeppelin programme, only to discover that they intend on using it to steal the Magna Carta. It's a ridiculous plot, and I was expecting it to be a ridiculous film. But while it was indeed fairly stupid, it never seemed as aware of the fact as the plot required. So instead of the crazy action-adventure film it should have been it becomes a fairly silly drama. I still enjoyed it, but it had the potential to be more. Or less, depending on your point of view. The funniest thing about the film is that the film is just realistic enough that the plot is genuinely as dumb as it sounds. Our "hero" doesn't really do anything to foil the villains, they do that by themselves. All he can do is kill an innocent civilian and get shot.And Michael York is the worst spy in the history of spies. Honestly. You can believe he'd be Austin Power's boss.

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Good Liam action film, much better than the latest Taken.

Bradley W (mx) wrote: What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a captivating picture, one that demonstrates the troubles of a young man with the world on his shoulders. Johnny Depp gives a great performance, perfectly capturing Gilbert Grape and his life. But, Leonardo DiCaprio steals the entire show. His jaw dropping performance as Arnie, Gilberts mentally disabled younger brother, is spectacular. His tics are so vivid and real that you completely believe his character, something DiCaprio specializes in. He is one of the rare actors which you fully believe his emotions. I love the story and the heartwarming themes of the film, and thanks to the cast, especially DiCaprio, the film soars.

Nicki M (nl) wrote: Pretty boring, honestly. Confusing and dumb action scenes. And it needs to be half an hour shorter. Not my type of thing at all.

Justin T (kr) wrote: Combines the action of the 2nd movie with the heart of the first movie. Better than it's predecessors.