La calandria

La calandria

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Alpagut E (us) wrote: dare eder ama vakit geirmek iin seyredilir...

John M (de) wrote: After viewing this film, I really did not know what to make of it on firts reflection. I was not sure of the authenticity of the situation in Iraq presented in this movie. Following the time I took to research this film, I realised the Director was not kidding. Child refugees, who's lives are affected by war really is this extreme, weird and heartbreaking. A gang of children are led by a 'Sattelite' who is bairly a teenager. He delegates responsibilites which usually involve diffusing landmines and selling them for food and weapons. Yes the situation is that bleak for the chilldren, but yet they still hold their childish optomism as the US led invasion is imminent. There are many memorable images which include children living in abondoned tanks, a child defusing a landmine with his teeth, a girl numbing her toothache with kerosene and many more. Never have I felt so heartbroken at the films conclusion. There seems to be hope offered to these children in the form of the US led invasion of Iraq where 'paradise' is promised but it does not materialise, therefore, all hope is lost, like the character Agrin realises. What we witness by her actions is very subtly and profoundly disturbing and something which the viewer is unlikely to forget.

Geneva L (mx) wrote: a great artist but a failed man :(

Erica B (ca) wrote: The best ending I've ever seen!

Erin D (au) wrote: I saw this when it first came out, and many years later I had a dream about it. so i had to watch it again. It's not as creepy as I remember it, but it was still a well thought out story and had some interesting imagery. I laughed my head off at the kicking the bucket scene.

Indu R (ca) wrote: This movie is good and I was excited about the other movies after this one. Tom Cruise was good and this movie was a typical spy movie.

Zoran S (br) wrote: Decent Republic Pictures b-Western. It's actually fairly gritty and violent at times. The appearance of the machine gun at the end, grimly used to mass slaughter Indians, already anticipates Peckinpah and The Wild Bunch, as does the ethically dubious nature of the "heroes." Here, however, there is no irony about outmodedness-- just slaughter so the audience can get its couple formation.

Steve G (us) wrote: Michael Gross steals the show, as always.

Nick R (fr) wrote: Must rank as the worst of the worst.