La canarina assassinata

La canarina assassinata


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Dylan F (ru) wrote: Was an absolute AMAZING movie, EVERYONE needs to see!!!! Unless you like to keep your head burried in the sand.

David A (kr) wrote: Probably the nearest that Pixar have ever got to producing a full-on Looney Tunes style cartoon.

Joe M (jp) wrote: Enjoyable action adventure drama

Simon M (it) wrote: A good drama anim. Not quite Ghibli standard but fun.

Jayson G (fr) wrote: Fat Albert (2004) REVIEW: A fun movie but has way more calories than flavor.- Jays Ratings 32%

William R (br) wrote: Robert Redford and Brad Pitt make this film worthwhile

Ted W (mx) wrote: A comic book movie if there ever was, lots of fun and featuring the wonderful Caroline Munro.

Adam R (es) wrote: I still don't understand why it's called Sounder. The dog was a fairly insignificant character if you ask me. The soundtrack captured the atmosphere of the film well, but it was still too boring to really enjoy. (First and only viewing - 2/20/2016)

Altered E (gb) wrote: The original so-bad-it's-good movie? Or the original stoner comedy? Either way, whatever the precautionary tale that this film's Christian Conservative financiers sought to tell was, it backfired. Spectacularly. As old as it is, the narm is harder to engage in for those accustomed to modern Asylum mockbusters, Troma Era VHS B-movies, or even Ed Wood disasterpieces, but it's a classic of bad cinema for a reason.

Lesa T (mx) wrote: Wonderful true story.

Allan C (gb) wrote: From the director of "Highlander" and just about every early 80s music video you can remember ("Rio", "True", "Video Killed the Radio Star", "I'm Still Standing", etc...) comes a fine example of the nature-gone-wild genre. This time it's a giant killer pig. The story is basically "Jaws" set in the Australian outback, with a little "A Cry in the Dark" thrown in for good measure. So if you ever have a jones to watch a movie about a killer pig, this is the one to watch (or at least until Clive Barker's "Pig Blood Blues" comes out).

JeanAntoine B (gb) wrote: In this movie you witness such great acting by Tilda Swinton; as a difficult relationship between a mother and her son has led to a tragic and unexpected event.

Nandan T (kr) wrote: Don't know if growing potatoes on Mars is possible or not. Other than that a pretty good movie.