La casa de Bernarda Alba

La casa de Bernarda Alba


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La casa de Bernarda Alba torrent reviews

Susan O (ca) wrote: Soooo bad you've just got to see it to not to believe it!

Hege S (br) wrote: Mrk og dyster om manglende kommunikasjon, uinfridde hp og forventninger....dden og fremfor alt en film om stolthet og tilgivelse. Nydelig og velspilt.

Kim M (es) wrote: insanely realistic....scary its so real

Michael T (nl) wrote: This sequel is forty years late, and proves that in HGL's world, nothing gets better with age.

Sui G (br) wrote: I liked this movie. It was funny. And had a good ending if I remember correctly.

Jamie D (mx) wrote: One of many underrated movies.

Eduardo C (nl) wrote: Not my favourite subject for lunch time: bugs eating other bugs, bugs copulating, larvae... But an impresive and beautifully filmed movie.

Daniel D (jp) wrote: While it does have plenty of action, I did find it somewhat constrained as far as the story is concerned. Of course, this is a translated movie, so it's tough to judge when you don't speak Mandarin. I do give Jackie and Michelle some credit though, they make one hell of a team.

Darin M (us) wrote: must see thejerriacfresx

Bruce D (nl) wrote: This is probably the best of all the Bruce Lee bios. This is the one that introduced me to the greatness... Anyone who is a fan needs to buy this DVD....

Bill B (de) wrote: This was my first foray into the world of Pete Walker, and it was fairly middle of the road, to be perfectly honest. I was expecting something of a horror film, but this was in fact more of a thriller/mystery about a young woman who finds herself on the run from assassins when she approaches her 21st birthday and the acquisition of her inheritance.It's watchable enough, but I was just in the mood for something different.Rental?

Joe H (ca) wrote: perfectly watchable but inferior to the first installment