La casa sulle nuvole

La casa sulle nuvole

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Augustine H (es) wrote: In a world growing rightist and nationalistic, it's lucky to have this film to heal the wounds and make the world more optimistic.

Oliver H (mx) wrote: ...bra, men inte direkt en upplyftande film - tyvrr allt fr realistiskt och smrtsamt!

Michael Lee T (au) wrote: One of my favourite films of the last few years is The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman, a film I watch regularly. Released in 2013 it revolves around 'Charlie Countryman', a young man on a personal quest in Europe where he finds himself in Bucharest. It's in Bucharest where he falls in love with the Romanian beauty, Gabi, and from then on he embarks on a dangerous path of enlightenment. It stars Shia LaBeouf who jumps wholeheartedly into the role of the main protagonist, a performance that is compelling, gripping and career defining in my opinion. Mads Mikkelson also stars as the Nigel (The Bad Guy), a role he is truly terrifying in. A stand out performance from both.An enthralling and unique story that's coupled with beautifully colorful and creative cinematography. A film with a terrific blend of genres from debut director Fredrik Bond that drew me into the story due to all the different emotions flying around. Adding to this is a superb soundtrack by Christophe Becke that sets the film on a powerful track. Surprisingly this film has been panned from many critics since it's release, but that's film. It's opinionated and that's what I love about it. One mans cup of tea is another mans dishwater and my cup of tea is The necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman.It's violent, It's romantic, it's trippy and it's unpredictable. A rollercoaster of emotions, what more would you want as a viewer?

Trude I (ca) wrote: Noe spes,- typisk japansk.

Pete S (kr) wrote: An ok movie about what it may have been like during the time after Christ's resurrection and ascension. Some terrible acting by Dolph Lundgren and others.

Joanof A (gb) wrote: Cant believe jude and binoche in one film. awesome.

Alexandre A (ca) wrote: This adaptation of the works of stephen king crap and walking.

Damien K (it) wrote: I have a feeling that, like "Kill Bill", this was suppose to be the second half of one film. Part 2 makes no sense without knowing what happened in Part 1, which ended in a way that make you feel like you were ripped off. I really liked the militant feminist revenge cult, with the sole exception that it made them seem like the bad "guys". Yet, throughout both movies, you sense that the good guys aren't all that good and that the "evil witch" is actually better than every one else.

Bruce B (ru) wrote: Sad to see a white actor play the part of a light skin black women, But excellent story line showing life in the United States, most people think it was limited to the south which it was not. A movie that will never be seen on TV today and should be watched by all. Any film lover should enjoy this. 4 stars

Boris M (br) wrote: Creepy story that is really well made. It's not gonna be for everyone's taste, but definitely some great acting.

Philip L (mx) wrote: Twisted, depraved, utterly offensive, and from a production standpoint, absolutely atrocious. I love it!!

Valerie F (nl) wrote: Not quite like the novel. Some characters were refined for the better, but others were not quite as well done or were not cast well.

Risa C (br) wrote: really funny. it was like alien version of a driving test. for them they had to abduct a sleeping human by using the buttons in their space ship. i love movies about aliens.