La central

La central


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Catalan
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mushroom,   beer,   party,  

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Marvin L (br) wrote: Based on a novel "Dogani" which is based on the actual events that occurred in Gwangju in 2000, "Silenced" is a great telling of the horrible events that took placed at the hearing-impaired school in Korea. The acting was great even by the children. This film reminds me of "Super 8" because children are a huge focus as the main leads. In actuality and most films, children are tossed to the side but sometimes adults need to listen to children for the truth and answers.

My C (ag) wrote: Here it is, the ultimate king of bad films. I was a little scared to admit I even saw it, so that's why I always said my least favorite movie is Tokyo Drift. However, I am now admitting I saw this. And it was the worst movie ever...period. If they remove the word "not" in the title, it would almost live up to it's name. They just have to change "bummer" to worst and "summer" to movie. Voila! Judy Moody and the Worst Movie. The fact this didn't get ONE Razzie makes me think that I should control the Razzie noms. It would also make Tokyo Drift get some noms, but of course, that got away, and got nominated for the Teen's Choice Awards. Final Score for the movie title above (the title is so long and annoying): -74578435897543897543987543897453897894537984573783579835987/10 I think that the number would give you a good idea on how much I hated this...

Andr D (ag) wrote: "Griff The Invisible" es una cinta australiana que busca incorporar la figura del superhroe al mundo real ("Special", "Defendor" y "Super" son otros intentos). Aqu, el superhroe en cuestin en un joven llamado Griff (Ryan Kwanten), que en el da trabaja en una oficina y sufre los abusos de su colega y en las noches acta como justiciero en las calles. La cinta escrita y dirigida por Leon Ford, trata de utilizar al superhroe como una metfora acerca de la exclusin social a las personas que les cuesta relacionarse, ser aceptadas y aceptar la realidad de la vida cotidiana. Sin embargo, "Griff The Invisible" termina haciendo implosin y se vuelve una pelcula pesada, pretenciosa y difcil de digerir. El tercer acto revela algunas cosas que alejan la confusin, pero en ltimas "Griff The Invisible" es un intento fallido de acercarse de otra manera al arquetipo del superhroe.

Mary S (ca) wrote: A lot of good ideas are thrown in there, but they never really come together story-wise. The art is gorgeous, with plenty of quirky character designs and beautiful scenery that easily compensate for the occasional stiffness. The voice cast does an amazing job and provides a few laughs along the way.

John W (mx) wrote: good action, nice ending

Tom C (us) wrote: In itself this was not a bad OVA series, though i personally wished they would have dont the whole revenge story as it was shown in the manga books. I was also disappointed with how little they show jin-e or sanosuke in the recaps.

Thomas D (it) wrote: There's no doubting the imagination of Alex Proyas. Though most of Dark City is difficult to follow and is more style than substance, once the kick of the film finally happens, you realize how inventive and inspirational this film is to the science fiction genre. When push comes to shove, Dark City ranks among the weirdest and most unique sci-fi features to date.Knowing close to nothing going in was a wise choice, but I did find myself saying "what in the world is going on?" several times. The story follows a man named John Murdoch who finds himself alone in a bathtub with no memory of who he is or where he's been. Murdoch is being hunted by both law enforcement and a mysterious group of people, known as 'The Strangers' with unknown powers and abilities. In some ways, Dark City makes for a good compilation of films like The Matrix, Minority Report, Blade Runner, and even Metropolis. For much of the film Murdoch is the audience. We have no idea where we are, who's good, who's bad, and where this all ends up. But once Murdoch starts to understand 'The Strangers' agendas, the film starts to take off.The supporting cast includes William Hurt, Jennifer Connelly, and Kiefer Sutherland. Similar to how I feel about the movie overall, I didn't really care for any of the characters in particular until you understand the context of how the film is being played out. Sutherland has the most to do, but his performance is diluted to a quick breathing nerdy doctor. I think as a whole Dark City will play better on repeated viewings. Especially because it will become more and more apparent just how many films have taken from Dark City. Proyas has made a few interesting directing choices since this one, but none quite capture the scope or uniqueness of Dark City. In the long-running genre of science fiction, Proyas' breakout film is definitely among the better ones.+Noir elements+Mystery plays out nicely+Gets better as it goes along-Could have opened up with more context8.7/10

Patricia F (au) wrote: THIS was an excellent movie!! Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors.

Owen A (br) wrote: [font=Arial Black]This movie was excellent i wish this movie would have come out in theaters at its time because it is a classic and powers boothe probably would have won an academy award for best actor[/font].

Alban B (fr) wrote: What a breathtaking MASTERPIECE !

Corine C (fr) wrote: I love great dance but this movie is horrible. Remove the moronic story and just have dance and it might get a B-. D-

Glenn C (ru) wrote: Wonderful, wonderful film; in some part because of my stage in life. But, still a sleeper that shouldn't be missed.